One Month

One month is past; presuming no plans change, this is the last time we get to experience a newborn. From here on, developmental milestones will put us further and further from the skinny little newborn baby which already seems distant.

Coraline is 9 pounds, 10 ounces at 1 month old, putting her in the 55% percentile, and 21 inches at the 35th percentile.

She has little rolls on her thighs and wrists, something we never really saw from Jameson much. She has a great set of lungs on her, being quite a bit louder than Mr. Jameson was.

We refer to her most often as “Baby Coraline” for Jameson’s benefit, but it is sticking. Sometimes I call her little lady or Miss Coraline. We will see how that changes as she grows!

She is just beginning to smile and occasionally coo (or otherwise make noises that aren’t grunts and cries), though for the most part she is still an eat-poo-sit-sleep baby. Sometimes just an eat-sleep baby in the afternoons. We have managed to set a bedtime for her already. She goes to bed very shortly after Jameson does on a typical night, usually by 8:30 at the latest, sometimes 9 if she is a little fussy or overtired. The benefit of there being two of us is that we can put them to bed at the same time, and so far that is working out really well to allow us some evening time to ourselves.

Coraline is sleeping the first half of the night upwards of 6 hours, and I am getting about 4 hours since I go to bed a couple hours later. She gets up between 1:30-3:30 and either goes right back to sleep (great nights!) or stays awake for an hour or so before going back to sleep (frustrating nights). However, I try to remember that she is sleeping exceptionally well for being so young yet and try to keep my patience on those nights. She then gets up for the morning between 6-7:30, and takes a morning nap just an hour or so later. She used to go right back asleep again, but now she seems to need some awake time before going back to sleep. I actually manage to shower every day, though I don’t always do my hair.

I find myself wondering what we did wrong with Jameson that it took me so long to get to a routine like this (or was it just that we didn’t know what we were doing!?)

Our only big issue and concern with her right now is her refusal of the bottle. We have tried many times and only managed to get an ounce in her with a little similac bottle that came in the mail. I am going to try a couple other types, though I am disappointed that she isn’t taking to the same ones Jameson did since I have so many of those now! I didn’t want to try too many, since she isn’t taking a pacifier either, it just seems to be general refusal of having things other than the boob in her mouth.

I want to make sure that in two months when she starts at daycare that she is comfortable, and thus far the only comforting things that will follow her to daycare is the swing, being swaddled, and hopefully a bottle that she likes, since otherwise she is refusing the pacifier.

She’s a joy to have and we feel already as if she has already been a part of our lives forever.

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