Coraline Meets Grandpa

Sunday, my parents came up to visit so that Coraline could meet her Grandpa on my side of the family. He has been traveling for work so hasn’t been able to meet her previously. She was obviously an angel for the visit.

Jameson was a little trouble maker as usual and promptly covered grandpa’s leg in stickers.

Meemaw occupied him with the traditional trotty off to Boston poem (absolutely no irony intended with recent events). Jameson loves anything that gets him swung or tackled or just a little bit risky, so he kept asking for Meemaw do to ‘gain over and over.

It was nice outside so we had to show off Jameson’s new kite which he got in an Easter basket from his other grandma. We had already flown it a couple times, and Jameson in particular likes to try and pick it up when it falls. You can’t really trust him to hang onto the line by himself just yet!

After the wind died (it wasn’t a very windy day to begin with), Jameson and grandpa played basketball and Jameson learned the word “score!”

This photo seems to make him look much older.

We even managed to tire him out enough that he sat still for a photo! With his snack, of course. Coraline was likewise passed out. Love this photo of them and the grandkids!

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