Golden Evenings

In the evenings the past couple weeks we’ve been working on the garden (now finally planted!), and playing outside. We’ve had near a week straight of beautiful high 60s and 70s weather with just a little breeze to keep it comfortable. And of course, the sun makes such beautiful golden light in the evenings.

We have let Jameson stay up a little later than he usually wood, but that’s okay. It’s totally worth it to see that wide, open mouthed smile.

Brian just took him to get his hair cut the other week (first time at a non-kids oriented salon), so I am particularly enjoying these photos of him swinging with his hair flying wild in the wind.

I am sure I will love our evenings even more when I return to work. For now, I just enjoy all our family together in the evenings, and the ability to take Coraline out in the dying sunlight since I usually run for shade for her. It’s a wonderful time.

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