2 Months Gone

The day after her baptism was Coraline’s 2 month celebration! She also had her shots and weigh in the same day, so we did her photos quickly in the morning. She did okay with her shots but needed some tylenol for the pain.

Coraline is 11 pounds, 9 ounces. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, and moved into the 75th percentile for height. She is growing great, which we are thankful. The doctor suggested she might sleep through the night by four months, which would be a happy day! She is gaining weight quicker than Jameson did, so I have high hopes.

We are still swaddling her at night and for naps in the crib. Sometimes she fights the swaddle, but without it, she jerks herself awake within minutes. We are also working on napping longer than 30 minutes. Some days are better than others, and this month was difficult on her as she gains awareness. Thankfully, she has a clear understanding of night time, and we don’t have any problems with bed time.

The phrase that comes to mind with her right now is “when she was good, she was very very good; when she was bad, she was horrid”. When she has her sleep properly, she is a wonderfully cheerful baby who talks a lot and smiles at both people and things she likes looking at (the ceiling fans, leaf mobile, moving black bird wall hanging). However, since we have had such nap issues, if she doesn’t nap properly, she is a bit of a handful; it’s harder to soothe her, even after the 6/7 week fussy phase.

Coraline has continued to refuse pacifier and bottle. We have just about given up on the pacifier but continue to try bottles since in a few short weeks we will be starting her at daycare. I’m afraid that she will have a rough week there as she learns. This month we treated her and I for thrush; we weren’t certain that was the issue, but the treatment did appear to remove some of the white on her tongue. After a little over 2 weeks though with just minor change, I opted to stop treating. At our 2 month visit, the doctor said that as long as it wasn’t becoming an issue for either of us, then she was fine. So we’ll have a little white tongue probably until she starts food.

The treatment seemed to exacerbate her vomit issues; she has a sensitive gag reflux, and tends to vomit when we give her any medication or the thrush treatment on her tongue with the q-tip (another reason we stopped). She would vomit everything she just ate! We try to give her her vitamin D dropper on an empty stomach for that reason.

She is beginning to like the bouncer a little more, and still loves sitting upright in a chair or on a lap with her back patted. She started looking upright instead of off to the side this month as well, so she is enjoying her playmat more.

She loves being outside, so we are excited that it has finally started getting really nice out. We spend evenings and weekends outside, with her in the stroller or sitting with me on the swing.

This next month will be a transition month for us all as I return to work and she continues to develop in her nap time and feeding arrangements. I hope all goes smoothly, though I know it will be a mixed bag.

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