Coraline’s Baptism & Mother’s Day

Coraline was baptized on Sunday, May 12, which was Mother’s Day. We thought it appropriate, since I was baptized as a baby on Father’s Day. Coraline wore a hand made dress by her great grandma, my grandmother who her middle name Genevieve was after. She made the dress originally for my sister’s baptism, and I love that she was able to wear it. It was just the right size, and not too hot to wear in mid May. It actually was rather chilly that day, colder than Jameson’s baptism which was in April.

She also wore a bonnet made from a hanky I carried on my wedding day and will likewise save for her on her own. How sweet she looked! I arranged her baptism a little earlier than Jameson’s, remembering that his hanky hat was a little tight on his head at 4 months old.

It was a happy Mother’s Day for everyone, spending time with family. My parents and sister arrived the day prior.

Both my kids love their Aunt Holly. Coraline gave her lots of smiles!

Sunday morning was a little hectic getting everyone ready! Thankfully, service wasn’t until 11 so there was enough time. Jameson looked like he was off to school in his little polo shirt and backpack full of quiet-church-time toys (which we actually didn’t have to use after all; he went to the childcare room during the sermon and was good during the baptism though a little active!)

I then dressed myself and Coraline; just in case, I put her in a bib (also made by her great grandma). We managed to get through the service and photos after without soiling anything!

And I even got this wonderful Mother’s Day photo with both my children. Perfect!

Yes, Jameson’s shirt is that beautiful coral/salmon color that matched my dress on purpose. I spent a long time shopping for that! From Gap Kids.

Like we did with Jameson, we had both sets of parents stand up with us for the baptism. Coraline wasn’t at all like Jameson though; she stayed awake during the service! He had been asleep for his baptism.

We stood up to the baptismal font during the song “Borning Cry” which I thought was so appropriate. I do love that song.

Jameson was able to participate by helping hold her candle. He was fascinated, and helped blow it out carefully. I was proud of his steadiness!

Pastor Mike again incorporated Coraline’s baptism into the sermon, which was nice and extra special since it was Mother’s Day. Coraline got her certificate, and a keepsake candle and medallion and handkerchief.

I love the family photo with both sides of the family in it, as we were able to do with Jameson. We did miss Uncle Tyler again, but it is wonderful to have grandparents and aunts in the photo.

Aunt Holly, holding her niece in her baptism gown.

Great Aunt Carol and Uncle David also came as they were able with Jameson. There is so much love for little Coraline!

She was good for the service overall, though she spent much of it awake. Luckily, sitting her on my lap and patting her back would put her back to sleep. She tolerated her photos after fairly well, but when we got home we needed to change and feed her quickly! Her patience was wearing thin!

We changed her back into her outfit for some more pictures, but this time Jameson didn’t want to sit still for them. He had had enough!

Three generations of ladies: Mom, myself, and Coraline.

And both sets of grandmas! Another special photo.

We enjoyed lasagna for lunch before my parents left. Aunt Holly stayed behind so that she could help me on our drive the following day! We spent the week with Meemaw and Grandpa so there is more fun to come!

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