Father’s Day: Brought to you by the letters D and A

It’s already Thursday, but I thought I’d give you a recap of how Brian’s first Father’s Day went! And of course, show you the awesome project that Jameson and I did (if you haven’t seen it already– I talked about it on Twitter and displayed it on Flickr; you can follow me!). I was waiting with anticipation to show you the project, and wanted to show it off early, but Brian couldn’t (or wouldn’t!) promise me that he wouldn’t peek. In any case, if you love it, file it away for next year!

I was inspired by this find on Pinterest. Just before I started  the new job, I had a day without Brian or Jameson. Well, before Jameson went to daycare that morning, I put him in a fashion show photo shoot with letters D & A that I picked up for about $3 each at Jo-Ann. I edited the photos in 3 different styles of black and white, in a number of poses, and printed them all off.

I had some really cute outtakes too, but I selected my favorites then to display in a 3 slot 5×7 frame I found at Target. Of course, the best part… I’ve just made a perfect good-for-every-year style gift. Likewise, my mom gets flowers every year on Mother’s Day, and dad gets gift cards every year for Father’s Day. Since Brian and my birthdays and anniversary all fall around the time of Mom & Dad days, we always seem to run out of gift giving ideas for each other too. Perfect.

I did successfully surprise him with the gift, and later on that day we had a cookout with Brian’s parents. I made some really tasty pasta salad, complete with balsamic vinaigrette, olives, tomatoes, fresh homegrown basil and homemade mozzarella cheese (I will be sharing that fun process tomorrow!).

Of course, no holiday is complete without my camera to capture posed (and unposed) memories of dads and sons. The posed shots came out a little rough. I don’t know if it was the single barrel whiskey tasting, but Brian seemed to have trouble looking at the camera, haha.

And finally, a no cry grass face!

A few more of my favorite shots from this weekend:

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    1. He loved it…he had no idea, even though I bought the frame in front of him. Jameson wasn’t a big fan of going through 3 outfit changes in a half hour though, ha!

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