Pumpkin Time

You know it’s fall when the fair begins!

Meemaw and Aunt Holly came up for the fair over Memorial Day weekend! This photo was the best we could do; it’s hard to get two little people to smile at the same time!


We hurried to the pumpkin to get photos before walking the rest of the fair. It’s great to get there early so there’s isn’t a line. This is the first year I’ve had two kids to fill both holes. Two is the perfect number, right? 🙂 See previous years here and here.


Coraline had already been up past her regular naps so she’s wasn’t super inclined to smile for me, but we had to get her sitting next to the big pumpkins. Jameson didn’t want to get up there next to her, but he did sit next to the smaller ones.



Obligatory photos over, we decided it wasn’t too early to eat! (It was 10:30-11) haha. We had some cavatelli with a meatball, our tradition. Jameson enjoyed some from my bowl. Brian decided to eat like a normal person and wait until lunch time proper.


Coraline had a hard time falling asleep and gnawed on her rings, her favorite toy.


Jameson didn’t really want to visit the animals much this year. He was a bit afraid to get close to the big ones! He did like the rabbits and chickens. He wanted to pet the chickens but we wouldn’t let him. Obviously!



What he really wanted to see was the tractors! He asked again and again until we went to go see all the farm equipment. This was probably his favorite.






There’s a baby animal building for kids near the tractors, so we got to hold a bunny again this year. Jameson kept telling me he wanted to hold the other one, because the one we were holding was getting fidgety. We gave it back pretty quickly.



After nursing outside the baby animals’ building, Coraline passed out. I loved her arm flung up over her head. It was so hot that day! We were all sweating like crazy.


After hitting the animal, tractor, pumpkin, and food highlights, there wasn’t much left but to hit the rest of the buildings like crafts, shops, and the old buggy displays. We didn’t do any rides this year or even all the sights; it was a little harder with Coraline who was becoming antsy when she was in her stroller for hours in the heat having trouble napping.

We did stop in the little toys booth and let Jameson pick out a toy. He selected a squeaky frog (which is better than fake poop, thank goodness)


Brian and I left with the kids then while Meemaw and Aunt Holly stayed for a couple more hours. They stayed with us the whole next day though too which was fun!

Sunday, we made my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce with tomatoes she brought up from the garden; we ate lots of zucchini bread which she baked for us before she arrived; and gave Coraline her first taste of a vegetable: sweet potato.

These final warm days are disappearing quickly, but I do love fall.

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