Coraline is Two Hands Old


What a big month for Coraline! From Christmas, to New Years, to her first experience in the snow. Coraline even got her third tooth, which you can see a little in this photo! We were so lucky to be able to have Coraline home a lot this month with Christmas breaks, and unfortunately for a little illness from daycare, hand foot and mouth disease.


It’s hard to see here in this photo, but she had a rash on the backs of her hands and her feet up to her legs. This particular virus presented itself differently (and much milder) than the traditional form of the disease which is usually on the palms and soles of feet. The doctor did diagnose her though since he saw some sores in the back of her mouth, so we kept her home for a couple days. Luckily, it was over the weekend, so we didn’t need to keep her home as long as we would’ve during the week, since the doctor recommended 3-4 days.


She has been teething most of this month, getting a lot of teeth in. Aside from the one that came in, I believe her other top tooth is nearly broken through, and the two on either side have been swollen most of this month as well. It hasn’t prevented her from eating (well, she did get fussy with the bottle occasionally). She loves solid food, the kind which she can put in her mouth herself. She loved the ham that Meemaw made, and noodles are also a favorite. She’s had chicken nugget as well and cleaned it up. However, the baby food has gotten a bit more difficult, and she now lets us know that she’s done by spitting it out back at us. She can sit in her high chair for an hour or more if we kept giving her finger foods to eat!

Just hangin out and eating

Coraline has been putting everything, even items which are not food, in her mouth. I don’t remember Jameson being the same way, because he learned that things like the fuzz from dog toys don’t taste good. I have found now Jameson’s plastic coin from Christmas, a sharp piece of wicker from a basket, and fuzz in her mouth. She leaves it in there and rolls them around in her mouth until I realize she has something with gagging.


She’s pretty funny, throwing her head back against the jumparoo and jumping or swaying with her head back. She also learned to click her tongue, though she does it rarely. Her current favorite babble is nananana (having already done mamama and dadada earlier). Coraline just loves to show us things that she picks up, which is funny every time. She still twirls her feet, but she doesn’t want to sit still nearly as much now! She’s learned to scoot!

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