The Tooth Fairy Arrived!

Jameson lost his first official tooth at 5am this morning! (Knocked out ones do not count). He would like to know how the tooth fairy gets into the house. I let him work out that one for himself.

While joking with dad, he informed Brian that he had seen the tooth fairy, and that she looked like a camel with three heads.

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13 Months Old


After losing quite a bit of weight with her bout of illness at Meemaw and Grandpa’s house, Coraline gained it all back this month. She weighed in at 18 pounds, 5 ounces at the doctor’s office yesterday (back again, of course!). We transitioned her to whole milk, and found that she didn’t really care much about the flavor difference, but definitely still has a temperature preference! It’s a little less convenient for us to manager since with formula we were able to use already warm water and now we have to warm up her milk as we used to.


This was her first taste of whole milk, in a sippy. However, to make it easier on everyone, we transitioned her on the bottle. We’ll do the sippy cup in a couple months; I have a feeling she’s going to be just like Jameson, refusing to drink significant amounts from the sippy until that’s the only option!

We’ve also practiced with the spoon a few times. She likes to guide my own hand, but pretty much plays with the spoon when she’s got full control. She always gets concerned when her food ends up all over her hands!


Coraline’s hair is growing so fast, and recently started to curl! I wonder if she may have gotten some of my hair after all? A mom can hope!


Perhaps she got my hair after all? I have hope!

While she still isn’t doing much standing, she is finally starting to show interest in getting on her feet. She still doesn’t pull up, though she will occasionally try now. She almost exclusively will stand only against mommy and daddy when we’re lying on the floor with her. It doesn’t stop her from getting involved in everything we’re doing, though. She loves to be where we are at all times, playing with the things that Jameson is playing with.


She is pretty silly now. Coraline still loves being chased and held nearly upside down (we don’t usually do it all the way so no one tosses their cookies). She loves to lean against things, flinging her arms out and trusting we’ll catch her. Sometime this month she broke through one of her upper 1 year molars, we discovered at the doctor’s office. She may be breaking through more soon, since she has been having some trouble sleeping soundly lately, though thankfully we haven’t had to be up with her.


Now that we’ve experienced some warmer weather (excluding most of this week though, ugh), Coraline loves being outside. She’ll point outside and watch Daddy cooking on the grill. She just started waving this week, though I suppose that will count in her next month update!


We’re all getting anxious for her to start exploring her world on her feet I think, so I try to remember that this phase will seem like it just sped by and enjoy it while I can. She sure is!


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The Big One


At 12 months old, Coraline points to everything she wants now! And I mean everything!

We have a couple almost-words, like “dog”, “sock”, “hi”, and of course, mama and dada (all inconsistently and rarely said except for “hi” – she’s a big fan of that one). I’m also pretty sure she said “baby”, though it didn’t sound close to the word at all she used the same syllables each time she said it for a couple weeks. Since she started sign language class, I’ve seen all done and perhaps light (she opened and closed her hand a few times).


She loves to read books, most often the touch and feel books. I love this video of her around 11-1/2 months old. She looks at a book, says “baby” and plays at the play table — which is actually also a very rare occurrence. She isn’t a big fan of standing yet, so that’s a task for her us to help her learn!


Coraline only really likes to stand when it involves pretend walking. She does however get on two feet and hands and throws her butt in the air, so I wonder sometimes if she’ll just get up and start walking one day!



We’ve had a few, very few, warmer days, and she got out in the wagon for the first time with her brother. She loves the wind in her face.

50 degrees!

Speaking of Jameson, I can tell they will be partners in crime before too long. Jameson loves to help her: bottles, eating, making her laugh. He’s a pretty big distraction at the dinner table for Miss Coraline!




This month Coraline got her 6th tooth, the 4th one on top. I thought maybe we were teething for a molar soon but that went away and I haven’t seen anything come through yet.

She loves being “chased” and caught, and still likes playing peekaboo. One of the new things we’ve really seen this month though is Coraline putting things back, or back together. She recognizes when toys or objects belong together, and the Mega Blocks she got for her birthday was a big hit.


She still likes to suck her thumb for soothing, primarily when she’s tired. If she doesn’t have a burp cloth though she typically won’t do it. She’s got a particular preference for the style of the burp cloths too, but luckily we have tons of them, so she has about 3 in her crib at all times.



Sometimes she’ll just lay down on the floor randomly for no reason, which always cracks me up. I wonder if it’s related to the fluid that is still backed up in her ear, the one which the tube came out of.

For now, we’ve opted to continue without putting the tube back in, since we haven’t had an ear infection since. However, the ENT is still concerned about the fluid in there, so we will be visiting the doctor more often and have started trying out a chiropractor which we’ve heard can help fluid drain properly.


Coraline is 18 pounds, 6 ounces (though an illness, probably a UTI, a week later caused her to drop under 18 pounds again!). She’s in the 25th percentile across the board with a good looking growth curve like her brother. She is slightly anemic, so we’ll be starting her on a liquid vitamin dropper with iron. Hopefully soon we’ll attempt a transition to whole milk as well!


The birthday girl loves to make a face where she wrinkles her nose up and scrunches up her face for a smile. It’s my favorite!

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11 Months for Coraline



This month was harder for little Coraline in terms of sleeping. While she was generally happy during the day, her nights were filled with crying out: Only for a moment or two before she fell back asleep on her own, but none of us liked hearing her cry out in pain for weeks at night, with pain medicine or not.

She finally broke through two more of her top teeth, for a total of 5. (And just days after turning 11 months old, she broke through the last of the swollen set, finally, for a total of 6 teeth). Hence her cute quirky crooked smile here she used while teething!


She spent most of this month teething, with a cold, and then got a yeast and bacteria infected rash under her arm. One of the tubes in her ear came out, unusually early (it was only in about two months). She’s currently on 4 medications, including two ointments, ear drops and oral antibiotics. Ooof! Poor thing.


Coraline figured out crawling within just a week after I recorded her video of the scoot she had been doing. She didn’t go backwards at all, and just straight up started moving forward. Sometimes she puts her feet down in what Brian calls her spider crawl which cracks me up, and rarely she’ll put both feet and hands on the ground with no knees, but straight in the air.



And she’s getting up on her knees! Not pulling up yet. This month, we’ve brought out the stand and play toy, to help her practice standing and pulling up. She loves the jumparoo and both jumps like a maniac and also swings herself back and forth like I never saw Jameson do in it, but she doesn’t do very much standing outside of those supported activities. Coraline has such little feet that I sometimes wonder if that might have something to do with it.


Our babbling has just started becoming more words and imitation. She mostly just says “hi”, and if I can say that aside from the babble of mamama and dadada her first real words have been “dada” and “hi”. We’ve started taking sign language class with her, as we did with Jameson. So far, I’m pretty sure she’s signed “all done” (or just being crazy at the end of meal time).

She’s learned to point with her index finger and I can see her little wheels turning. The other day she held up Jameson’s socks to us, and when I responded “sock”, she put it down on top of her own socks and stared at it.



Coraline has learned how to rock herself back and forth, though she’s still very conservative about it. She rocked herself in the glider during the monthly photos this month.


She’s a 17lb even small fry, just beginning to show preferences in what she’s eating. Yes to fruit, peas, and pasta. No to mashed potatoes, and many vegetables. Meat is hit or miss. She still practices the sippy, but since she doesn’t even take a bottle that well from us very often, we aren’t forcing the sippy issue yet. She’s a good eater like Jameson though in terms of just being able to do it: not a lot of gagging. However, she seems to be more prone to putting fistfuls of food (or anything else) in her mouth, so we have to have a hawk eye on her all the time now. A favorite game is to see who, me or her, can make it to the dog first who is eating her cookie treat and leaving crumbs everywhere.


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Coraline is Two Hands Old


What a big month for Coraline! From Christmas, to New Years, to her first experience in the snow. Coraline even got her third tooth, which you can see a little in this photo! We were so lucky to be able to have Coraline home a lot this month with Christmas breaks, and unfortunately for a little illness from daycare, hand foot and mouth disease.


It’s hard to see here in this photo, but she had a rash on the backs of her hands and her feet up to her legs. This particular virus presented itself differently (and much milder) than the traditional form of the disease which is usually on the palms and soles of feet. The doctor did diagnose her though since he saw some sores in the back of her mouth, so we kept her home for a couple days. Luckily, it was over the weekend, so we didn’t need to keep her home as long as we would’ve during the week, since the doctor recommended 3-4 days.


She has been teething most of this month, getting a lot of teeth in. Aside from the one that came in, I believe her other top tooth is nearly broken through, and the two on either side have been swollen most of this month as well. It hasn’t prevented her from eating (well, she did get fussy with the bottle occasionally). She loves solid food, the kind which she can put in her mouth herself. She loved the ham that Meemaw made, and noodles are also a favorite. She’s had chicken nugget as well and cleaned it up. However, the baby food has gotten a bit more difficult, and she now lets us know that she’s done by spitting it out back at us. She can sit in her high chair for an hour or more if we kept giving her finger foods to eat!

Just hangin out and eating

Coraline has been putting everything, even items which are not food, in her mouth. I don’t remember Jameson being the same way, because he learned that things like the fuzz from dog toys don’t taste good. I have found now Jameson’s plastic coin from Christmas, a sharp piece of wicker from a basket, and fuzz in her mouth. She leaves it in there and rolls them around in her mouth until I realize she has something with gagging.


She’s pretty funny, throwing her head back against the jumparoo and jumping or swaying with her head back. She also learned to click her tongue, though she does it rarely. Her current favorite babble is nananana (having already done mamama and dadada earlier). Coraline just loves to show us things that she picks up, which is funny every time. She still twirls her feet, but she doesn’t want to sit still nearly as much now! She’s learned to scoot!

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Coraline at 7 Months


At 7 months, we think Coraline is about the happiest baby ever. In the mornings, she will talk and talk and smile and loves playing with Jameson (Jameson is sometimes slow about getting ready because he loves playing with her so much; he’s very into “taking noses” from Coraline and putting them back right now). She’s very vocal, I think because she doesn’t have a pacifier, it seems like she is always saying something. Several family members have said the she’s been saying “da da da” in the babbling baby ramblings she does!


She is also very grabby still. This month she really learned how to eat puffs. She’s not making any pincer grasps yet but she has discovered how to get puffs in her mouth pretty effectively despite that. It was really helpful on her very first vacation to have the puffs to occupy her at meals.



After we returned from vacation, we started giving her food in earnest. We started with sweet potatoes and carrots and squash (sweet orange vegetable favorites of course). Over the past couple weeks, she has had enjoyed peas, green beans, corn (with sweet potatoes), and apples. She doesn’t seem to have any preferences now, though if she isn’t hungry she will let you know.

Gimme those pears

In addition, I had my very first night away from her, and she finally, finally took a full bottle from dad. It marks the beginning of the end of breastfeeding, I know, because my supply is dwindling anyway but it is a relief to know we should be able to feed her bottles without difficulty. We didn’t try the sippy again this month, though we plan on practicing more bottles from myself and dad as well as exploring the sippy more this month.


Coraline got her second tooth this month during vacation. So far, her teething isn’t too bad. There is a lot of drool, and close to the tooth breaking through we have a couple to a few wakeful nights. She gets a little edgy, but not unreasonable. I do hope that how she will teethe through all of them because it doesn’t seem too bad. We seem to have caught a break though, since she’s had a little less drool since breaking through the second tooth.

Sleeping is wonderful. She goes to bed around 7 (and lets you know when its time!). She sleeps through the night regularly. Coraline occasionally calls out crying for just second before falling back asleep; she is still very loud, so this wakes me, but she puts herself right back to sleep most times without trouble. When she does wake up for extended periods, she gets changed and then we sit in the rocking chair with her facing outward watching the mobile until she falls back asleep. She holds on to a little burp cloth while she sucks her thumb and wedges herself in corners of the crib.

Ready for our last day of Disney! Got my thumb and everything's good

Unfortunately, she is like her brother in that she it is difficult to tell when she has an ear infection! This month she got her first (a double), and we didn’t know it until she cried all morning one day in pain because her ear drum was bursting. After it was done, despite the ear infection that was still there, she was happy as a clam. Ear drums burst to relieve pressure, and most heal themselves. Hers did without a problem, and she got very good at taking her medicine.

When she went to the doctor for her ears, she weighed in at 15lb 4oz, a full pound from what she was at 6 months. Since the doctors told us last month that she needed to get some more calories in, we believe we’ve been successful and she’s been putting on weight and looking so healthy and her usual chubbier self. Coraline is just starting to get into up to 9 month clothes in length, but we still mostly wear 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.


It’s been such a great month, I wish I could hold her tight here and stop her from growing for a minute, pausing in 7 months for a bit.


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Magic-al Kingdom, Day 2


Wednesday, we started our day at the Polynesian Resort eating at O’Hana for a family style character breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Pluto and Mickey.


Coraline was all ready to go in her Minnie Mouse outfit I had been saving for the occasion! She did much better that night, needing only a little back patting for settling. She seemed to have broken through her tooth thankfully!



Jameson wasn’t sure about Stitch in particular (he hasn’t seen the movie), but he loved seeing Mickey again and getting to meet Pluto the doggy.



The rain held off again even after a foreboding forecast again and we enjoyed the cooler weather and clouds in Fantasyland all morning. We rode all the rides on my list, beginning with walking through the castle to the merry-go-round.



Jameson came off that ride running to Brian and Uncle Tyler yelling “I rode on a horse!”. We ended up riding that one a couple times.

Carousel at Disney


Since everyone was doing so well, after lunch at Be Our Guest (where we were guinea pigs for a new reservation system during the lunch hours), we decided to stay in the park instead of going back to the hotel for a break.


Coraline got the hang of napping on the go, loving walking with me holding her against my chest and even passed out in the stroller for a while. I exclusively nursed her all week with just a little bit of solid food (we weren’t good about feeding her proper dinners but that’s okay), which was a great experience. She was very good nursing and really enjoyed playing and eating puffs during her times in the high chairs.


Other favorite rides included the Barnstormer Coaster (he sat in front with dad!) and the Speedway Cars all of which he rode twice. We used fast pass for Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland, Peter Pan, and the Barnstormer.

Coraline loved watching all the kids rides like Under the sea and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (I think she even giggled). She was pretty out of it during the Philharmagic show but Jameson really paid attention and commented that Donald Duck fell at the end.


Exhausted Jameson wanted to ride the cars again!


We saw the big Celebrate a Dream Come True parade in the afternoon and the tail end of the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party parade as well. We had ice cream during the big parade, though Jameson was exhausted by then and pretty antsy. It was Pirates Week so Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates came by in his float along with Captain Hook, his crew and more pirates!







Coraline just loved her foam fan, watching and trying to touch it.



Surprisingly, Jameson did well at dinner contained in a high chair, and even Coraline, having a good number of naps, did well. It was our calmest meal yet at Tony’s (the Lady and the Tramp restaurant right on Main Street).

Grandpa had to work and was a little bummed he didn’t get to hang out with us all day but he made it for dinner.

Jameson, Meemaw and daddy took the boat back to the hotel, and I stayed back to ride the monorail with Coraline so I could get some photos of them leaving and some great shots of our hotel, the Grand Floridian.



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Meeting Mickey Mouse, Day 1

We started our very first family vacation by sending Jameson away to Aunt Melissa’s overnight so we could pack the days before; it took us all day (literally) and I’m so glad we were able to do that.

The final packing and getting ready in the morning was also stressful, right up until we were in the car… Actually, right up until the plane landed in Orlando. Jameson did wonderful on the plane. He wanted his headphones on as “earmuffs” like he wears to protect him from loud noises most frequently on the lawn mower with daddy. He also wanted to hold daddy’s hand for about an hour after take off. He wasn’t completely frightened, but certainly not relaxed either. He LOVED watching the Lion King on my iPad.

Champion flyer held daddy's hand at take off and landing! First flight

Coraline had a restless sleep the night before we were supposed to leave, which we speculated due to teething or gas, which didn’t bode well for our trip. Nothing better than a screaming baby in a hotel room all together, or a plane even just for two hours! We were pretty concerned about how the trip was going to go right up to and through the first full day there.

Coraline was a bit more trouble in the plane than Jameson; we were thankful that another passenger moved so we could all sit together so occasionally I could give her to daddy if I needed to get something. She didn’t want to sleep at all. She didn’t cry the entire time or even more than five minutes at a time, but she was restless and cried on and off the entire 2 hour flight.

We made sure to feed both Jameson and Coraline food for take off and landing to get that swallowing motion and protect their ears, which thankfully worked fine. Coraline finally passed out LITERALLY as we were landing, puff crumbs on her face and all.

Passed out with puffs on her face literally as we were landing. First plane ride

We were so worried about the rain then the following day because when we arrived Monday evening, not only was it pouring rain, but the forecast had changed and was now showing rain all day Tuesday and Wednesday too! I was swallowing my disappointment and trying to remember that Jameson wouldn’t care a bit, even if it would make the while trip more difficult and less fun for the adults.



As it turns out, Tuesday was a great day with very little rain. We were so excited to have Uncle Tyler there as “tour guide” and Meemaw and Grandpa as an extra set of hands.

After a rough start with Coraline who had a pretty difficult night, we started my itinerary at Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom, and the light almost drizzle and (relatively) cooler weather made it perfect for active animals.





We saw rhinoceros right up next to our truck, and a baby giraffe moved toward us through the tall grass as I imagine would occur in the wild. Jameson was thrilled the truck went through some shallow standing water like a pond.




Coraline even fell asleep in Meemaw’s arms holding her tight like a swaddle though we were jostled and bounced around in the truck.


We did the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail nearby afterwards to see a few more animals close up.



Then headed to breakfast with Jameson’s first character experience! He was tired from getting up with Coraline around 6, but was great meeting the characters. He met Daffy first, then Donald and Mickey. I thought he might be afraid, but he quickly got over fear and was just a little shy but happy to give hugs to a couple of the characters.



Mickey was great with Coraline, coming over to give her some extra attention and pose. We got to see Daffy then again, and he even gave her a hug on his own! Last we saw Goofy just before leaving our table to move on to see a show.




Coraline finally fell asleep in her stroller and my parents wheeled off with her for a bit so Jameson, Brian and I could see the Festival of the Lion King, and then we even got to leave Jameson behind and ride Everest. It was great to be able to ride an adult ride with Brian! I screamed like a little girl.

After some time playing in the playground at the Boneyard while Brian and I rode Everest, we went to see Nemo the Musical, which Coraline and Jameson both were fascinated with. Jameson exclaimed over the shark he saw later. Coraline watched the entire show, enjoying the beautiful colors and music.


We headed back into Dino Land and Jameson got to ride the Triceratops Spin then with myself, Meemaw, and Uncle Tyler which was cute.

Disney ride with Meemaw!


Then Jameson finally got to relax (however a toddler actually relaxes) with some frozen lemonade while Coraline napped and Brian and I rode a couple more adult rides including Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur.

The day was perfect, even with the humidity since the sun mostly stayed behind the clouds. We ate dinner at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort which was pretty rough after a long day with exhausted children, though the food was great. We had a wonderful service experience there when Grandpa’s food was delayed. Meemaw took Coraline out to walk during dinner but she was pretty beside herself.

We were concerned that the entire trip was going to be rough on Coraline, but thankfully she settled pretty quickly after her second tooth broke through the following day. Magic Kingdom here we come!

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6 Months Young

Miss Coraline… 6 months old was here before we blinked our eyes.20130913-Coraline-6-Months-Old-4051-copy

This month, Coraline got her very first tooth, swung in the swing, and became quite the little grabber. Last month was all about toes, and this month is all about hands! She will reach for anything in front of her and started to reach for puffs to put in her mouth with her fist. She’s tall enough now that she can touch the bottom of the exersaucer and can sort of spin around.


Coraline loves to chew on things. Our little teether particularly loves the rings but is pretty indiscriminate. She had a bit of a rough time for 3 nights, getting up for about an hour each night during the worst of the teething breaking through.



We fed her sweet potatoes and carrots this month, her first foods after cereal. Meemaw fed her her first vegetable after we went to the fair, sweet potatoes, and we got this funny face. By about day 3 for each food she seemed to like it more.

Coraline sometimes makes a funny “chewbacca” sound as her teacher calls it when she has liquid (spit or food, yum) in her throat. She’s so silly.


We tried the sippy a couple times this month but didn’t focus much on it. She mostly used as a chew toy. Soon enough!

The doctor told us she’s basically only getting enough calories to maintain and recommended we add to her bottles, so we will start doing that. Our daycare provider recently suggested that as well saying that she’s having more of an appetite recently! From being in the 50th percentile at birth, she is now in the 16th.  Coraline is just over 14 pounds, and is smaller than Jameson was at 6 months.


Coraline got all dressed up for her first school pictures just before turning 6 months, but we haven’t gotten back the photos yet. We dressed her in this adorable outfit which her teacher said made her look like Rosie the Riveter, haha. Jameson got dressed up to match, and hopefully we’ll have a photo of them together. He said he wasn’t interested that morning (and fussed all the way through getting ready in a button up shirt), but he did request to get a photo with her in the evening, so I am hoping they had success.


Perhaps one of the most special moments this month though came from interactions between Coraline and Jameson. Coraline is really starting to react to him and his big grins and laughter cause her to imitate and respond to him. Coraline grins and smiles readily, but only laughs when getting nuzzles on the belly or during peekaboo sometimes in the evenings when she gets a little slap happy with exhaustion. I loved seeing her laugh in response to Jameson!



And of course she has become an expert sitter. She loves sitting up! Coraline still tries to pull herself up at the chest pretty unsuccessfully but when she’s lying down its enough to see to splash around in the tub, which she loves to do.


We are slowly trying to introduce more flexibility into Coraline’s sleeping habits; not necessarily on purpose but just for practicality. We have extended her bedtime from 7 to 8 successfully, though she requires some TLC to get there. Right now, she really needs a 7 o’clock bedtime to stay her usual, cheerful self. She is pleasant all day and most evenings, which continues to be a wonderful difference between her and her brother who required quite a bit more (focused) attention. Coraline just wants to be held!

And speaking of sleeping, we seem to have passed a hurdle, and she now consistently sleeps through the night, except (understandably) while at the peak of teething. She can also roll the other way, belly to back, but will not demonstrate it except in dire circumstances. She hunches herself all the way up on her knees like she’s going to crawl, and I think she just teeters over onto her back. I know she’s done this at least twice from observing the monitor before and after, but I don’t think she’ll ever be a pro at it until she has another way of doing things anyway. She still mostly loves to be on her belly and is happy to play that way for long stretches.

Now that we’ve reached this perfect 6 month stage, pre-crawl and post-sitting… I would be happy to stay her awhile. I love this stage, and this little girl.

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Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy needed to pay her very first visit to our household on Wednesday, 5/2. She decided, due to the circumstances surrounding the too-early event and Jameson’s lack of interest in money just yet, to double up a contribution to his 529 account this month (well, sometime this year anyway since she needs to save up a little for it) to pay for college.

Fortunately, the tooth loss could have been a lot worse. I mean, it could’ve been better by, you know, not having knocked it out in the first place. But, it is was it is, or whatever the heck trite saying you’d like to use.

I’m sure Jameson, his future self reading this, probably thinks it was awesome. We’ll probably tell him that he got beat up by a 6 year old or something, because that sounds more awesome.

Totally not true.

Anyway, Wednesday just before noon, I got a call from Brian to my work phone. Apparently my cell phone wasn’t picking up any calls (and I still have no record of missing any). He said that the daycare called and Jameson knocked out a tooth.

The first words out of my mouth were along the lines of “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

They said that he knocked it out by flinging himself forward in one of those small chairs he was strapped into.

And I can’t help but question if they were even watching him. They have 10 kids, and 2 teachers. One teacher was changing his diaper, which left the other with 9 children. 9! Even though the one changing diapers could see into the room, her hands were full (literally. ew).

Well and so. I called the doctor, who told us it was a dental issue (wasn’t really thinking of that but, of course, yes it is a dental issue). They recommended a pediatric dentist, and she wasn’t in the office but graciously gave me a bit of background on baby teeth to be prepared.

And then I called and got him in to our family dentist; at this point I really didn’t have any idea how bad it was. The daycare said he was fine, but their fine and my fine are completely different things. Or maybe they’re not, but I felt like they were.

I picked Jameson up at the daycare where he was drinking milk and snacking in the kitchen with one of his teachers (not the one who was supposed to be supervising him, who I haven’t interacted with before at all). And yes, he was fine! albeit tired since it was nap time.

They gave me the tooth in a cup of milk which they labeled “tooth cup”. Supposedly milk keeps a tooth strong. But here’s the thing about baby teeth: You don’t typically put them back in, because they can fuse to the bone and cause many other problems.

Jameson fell asleep on the way and Brian met us there, so we let Jameson sleep on him for a bit while the dentist did some poking around.

We finally needed a different angle though and jostling him around (and presumably waking up to a stranger with those scary gloves in his face) made him wake up a touch cranky. We held him down for a minute so the dentist could get a better look and check his other teeth.

The verdict? No xray because he probably wouldn’t still still, but after looking at the tooth, and checking his gums, it appears that the entire tooth, root and all, came out. Which is good, because it means no surgery. It also means he’ll have that gap for another 4-7 years until the permanent one grows in.

Orthodontia problems? Probably, since the baby tooth won’t be there as a spacer. However, both Brian and I had braces anyway, so not a surprise.

Aside: Another little boy I know of had a fractured front tooth and needed a root canal! So we are thankful for small blessings.

Another aside: The dentist told us his 2 year old daughter had just knocked out her top tooth recently too. It’s reasonably common, but still upsetting.

Here it is, the tooth he only had for about 7 months. Wish I had a macro lens, just for this:

But let me tell you, my superficial little heart still hurts for his smile terribly.

And, I am still so very angry at the daycare (as needless or meaningless as it might be, since accidents happen anywhere, anytime, no matter who is watching).

We are making jokes. Jameson is clearly fine, he didn’t even need any pain reliever. He cried for just a moment when he saw blood, but never for pain. One tough little dude.


But. It is what it is.


P.S. Guess my baby’s child modeling career is over before it’s begun. Sigh… (just kidding)

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