Summer Days by Phone

I’ve recently been leaving my big girl camera in the house, particularly since the end of May, since Brian was away on a guys vacation for a few nights. Wrangling two children on my own = no free hands for the big camera!

I’d love to be posting more, and talking about our everyday lives, which I feel like has gotten a back seat to eventful weekends and visits with family and friends. I’ve decided to start using more of our on-the-go photos with phones to tell that story.

Today I’m sharing quite a few phone photos, to get us up to speed! But in the future there may be less.

Jameson has gotten really into tank tops. He only had one, so daddy made another for him cutting the sleeves off an older shirt. Jameson promptly asked for another of his shirts to be made into tank tops, so instead we went out a bought him a couple more. His other favorite is plaid shorts. I thankfully got rid of all the “sport” shorts he had last year (the mesh-like kind), so after getting over that terrible loss, he is grown very attached to plaid, which is fine by me! 3 year old are hilarious.

Jameson likes to pick out his own clothes now, and here is a classic example of his recent style. Striped socks, plaid shorts, and camo on top.

Camo, plaid, stripes

While daddy was away, I pawned off sent Jameson to visit with his Aunt Melissa for a few hours. He chilled poolside with her, while we hung out by our own little wading pool. Coraline seemed to like the warmer water.

Pool day! Jameson's at the kiddie pool while this teething lady hangs poolside at home

We enjoyed some pool time with the neighbors one day as well. Coraline has been teething and a little fussy periodically and didn’t really want to be in the pool that day (only on my lap, of course). However, she was feeling better by evening and so I popped her into the pool and when she actually enjoyed it, I left her there in her diaper and shirt.

I didn't expect Coraline would want to be in this cooler water or I would've put her in a swim suit. She doesn't seem to care though

I bought Coraline some sunglasses, since she loves nothing better than to pull mine of my head. Now, she pulls hers on and off her head over and over again, and still does the same with mine.

Sunglasses tada!

Down the street from us is a family with older twin boys. Having outgrown their swingset, they offered it to us for free if we’d haul it off their yard. We had the parts in our backyard for about a month before we were finally able to get it together.

Now having two swingsets in our yard doesn’t make sense, so the more portable heavy duty plastic swingset we also got free from a friend the year prior is in our neighbor’s yard. We pretty much have a toddler’s dream playground between the two houses.


The bonus is under the “treehouse” or “clubhouse” is a little picnic area, perfect for popsicles.

After power washing it, the men are going to stain the wooden swingset and add a few beams to beef it up for stability. It’ll look like new!

Enjoying the "tree house" on the new-to-us swingset!

I have recently started a new diet, based on the shakes with Body by Vi (Visalus). My friend and her husband did the diet last fall with great success, and I couldn’t get convinced to try it before, but I finally did use some of her sample she gave me and decided it was do-able.

I now use the blender every morning, and so Jameson has started asking for drinks of his own (without the shake mix since he is too young). He doesn’t really drink them though, but we found another use the past weekend when I made us popsicles!

The popsicles are made from 1 c. strawberries, 1 c. watermelon, 1 tsp of sugar, and maybe 1/2 c. of orange juice. Perfect portion for 4 popsicle molds I bought from Target a couple months ago.

We made homemade popsicles today from strawberries, watermelon and orange juice!

It was a hit!

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