Backyard Camping

Sunday night over Labor Day weekend, Brian planned a little backyard camping with Jameson and a couple friends. Jameson was so excited for the experience, and for having friends come over! He loved helping put up the tent with dad.




Christina, Bobby’s mom, packed them all snack pouches for camping!


Once the tents were up, the dads had to teach the 3 year olds the proper way to get in and out of a tent to avoid tracking in lots of dirt. Of course, the kids wanted to jump right in. Teaching patience and properly removing shoes was funny to watch.



The boys played in the evening while the dads made a fire. Jameson was most excited about roasted marshmallows, since he had read about them in Curious George books but never had any.


He waited very expectantly, and even grabbed his own stick to roast with though we have more proper (and slightly more sanitary) roasting sticks that we used.



He ate his marshmallow, but was concerned about the sticky texture so didn’t really want any more roasted (but regular was okay!)



Jameson went to bed the easiest out of the three kiddos. One didn’t want to stay in the tent without dad, and the other didn’t want to sleep in or out. But eventually they all fell asleep, and were actually up at relatively normal times in the morning. I, for one, was happy to sleep in my bed inside though, ha!

I woke up early to run though and snapped this of everyone still sleeping peacefully in the early morning hours.

Backyard camping with the 3 year olds

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