Aug. 12, 2009

So I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine, working on work stuff and I thought maybe I should take a break and write a post–it’s been a long while since I last updated. I think it was about the wedding. It’s crazy how much time has already gone by since the wedding.

A lot of people have asked me if things are different after you’re married. Of course this depends dramatically on if you have lived with your fiance beforehand… for Brian and I it wasn’t different at all, except maybe that we’re both much more relaxed than we were in the months leading up to the wedding. I get to sign my name different, that was difficult. I have said my new name out loud a few times now and it still sounds weird. But I like being Mrs. Hilary Thomas.

I still miss Sir Chewy, still expect to get another one after moving… and moving seems closer and closer. Come January I think we’ll start looking (cross your fingers!). Brian is contacting landscapers this week to schedule the front yard to (finally) get re-done. It needs regraded, house needs waterproofed around the basement, not to mention the flower beds we’ll need to re-add and plant new plants. The shrub/flower planting can wait until next spring but the grass needs to get in around the end of this month.

The garden is so-so. Guess that’s what happens when you plant late, get so busy you don’t weed, and forget about the running water sprinkler or likewise forget to water altogether. We’ve gotten some beans, will get some pepper and perhaps a cucumber or two. Basil is returning to life after being mutilated by japanese beetles, so we’ll get some tasty pesto sauce with that.

Work is stressful. We’re in the middle of an upgrade and soon we’ll be coming in on weekends on a “volunteer” basis (if we don’t come in just to get more work done on our own…). Thank you’s need done, basement needs thoroughly clean, pictures need put on walls (we have frames empty but no photos in them haha). And time keeps flying by, I feel like I’m barely keeping up! But I’m enjoying every moment with Brian.

In recent news, I went to visit Sara at BG this weekend and that was a blast! It was great to get away. We ate at a tasty Italian joint, Zia’s, on the river-front. We visited the art museum and made our own glass flowers! That was a amazing and scary; they had us really stand in front of the 2,000 degree furnace holding molten glass the temperature of lava. Mine turned out great, I saw a picture though I haven’t seen it yet. I have to pick it up from Sara, maybe sometime Brian and I will visit the Toledo zoo or something. We also spent some time in some cool bars, one of which was a re-done old time cinema which was very cool.

Ciao for now!

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    1. Hello! Yes I got your present, thank you! email or fb message… I think I got the fb message but to be honest I’m not sure about email 🙁 Perhaps got lost somewhere between my switching of email addresses?

  1. Quick comment on the birth control. I had to change mine because my pharmacy changed generics and my body didn’t like the generic, I do fine on the name brand though…. just a thought if anything changed at your pharmacy.

      1. aww I had a wonderful time too! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit, I sure did! I’m all settled into my new place. I’m happy to have roomies, although I’m sure eventually I’ll miss the alone life haha! At some point maybe I’ll make it over to Cleveland area and drop off your flower. I showed my mom both of them and she loved them!

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