We Don’t Need Mittens

Recently, I had my first incident of unsolicited advice. People say they get it all the time out shopping, and maybe it’s because I don’t shop much but I haven’t really experienced any until now. Brian and I were going through the check out at Giant Eagle and the checkout lady said something along the lines of “he should have mittens to protect that little face”. Jameson had scratched himself again, but really, I haven’t used the mittens I bought him more than once. Brian said that Jameson pulls the mittens off. Okay hun, at least you’re making it sound like our little man is a genius!

We’re still recovering from our cold. On Saturday we visited the doctor because Jameson had a cough that was getting worse. Turns out it was just continued drainage and cold symptoms, and Jameson is feeling a lot better now. He weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces! Which is actually a little smaller than I thought he’d be.

I thought Jameson was home free, but we had a troubled night’s sleep last night. (For Brian and I anyway; Jameson took it all in stride) Jameson got up every couple hours last night, not crying for food but just fussing. I think he was waking up from his congestion and needed his pacifier back in to fall asleep. Regardless, he woke up in the morning extra cheerful! Today daycare is only going to let him take two hour naps also, in case he has been getting too much sleep there. I do have to keep reminding myself how lucky we are that he only gets up once at night, but tonight I will just be grateful as long as he returns to his usual once-a-night self.

This week has gone by pretty quickly, which is great. Regarding work, I have (hopefully) some good opportunities coming up, so we’ll see how things go the next couple weeks. The worse that can happen is that nothing changes, which all things considered wouldn’t be a horrible outcome.

At Brian’s work, things are going well. We are attending the Automotive News PACE Awards Dinner in Detroit in April, which will be fun. Even more fun is that it is a black tie event and so this weekend I will be out in search of my first nice dress since prom (wedding doesn’t count, those dresses are on a whole different level). I am very excited, both to shop for a nice dress and to have an evening out with Brian without Jameson, though I am sure I’ll be worried about him as well. Brian and I haven’t been out without Jameson much at all since his birth and it’s been dinners nearby. This is quite a ways away, but I’m sure things will be fine.

Also coming soon is Jameson’s baptism! I have an array of cute outfits, depending on the weather. I can’t believe that it was so nice last weekend that we were able to go on a nice walk on St. Patrick’s Day and now it’s about 18 degrees outside (and no, Jameson has a furry car seat liner and doesn’t need any mittens). At least I don’t have to worry about him growing out of anything. He seems to be growing longer instead of thicker, so the separates in 0-3 months continue to fit him fine. He did however have is very first 3-6 month sleep ‘n play on last night! I put him in the cute navy elephant PJ’s that I loved in the newborn size. I couldn’t help but buy it again. This weekend, I will take a photo of him in it so we can see how much he’s grown.

Speaking of photos: I have been having problems. We purchased a Mac computer for the first time (we were previously PC people). My photos looks very different on the Mac. The problem is that when edited on the Mac and looked at on the PC, they actually look bad. When edited on the PC, I already know they print fine and look great. I am not sure how to resolve this, since I already did the basic calibration on the Mac. I think I will do some experimentation this weekend. Hopefully I’ll post more photos soon if I can figure it out! I have some cute 3 month photos to share.

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