An Everyday Evening

When I get home, it is anywhere between 5:20 and 5:30. Typically I pick up Jameson from daycare. From that point until bedtime, we try to keep Jameson happy and entertained and focused entirely on him. Seeing my baby just for an hour and a half every day is tough, but it’s better when days are good.

But quite a bit of time, Mr. Jameson hasn’t had enough naps at daycare and is consequently tired and cranky. Oh, and it doesn’t help when he’s teething or going through a growth spurt.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a snapshot of a more typical evening. Actually, a couple evenings, this wasn’t shot all in one day, it was shot on August 21 and 23rd last week.

First I eat dinner, asap while I’m not quite as tired when we get home.
Usually I’m okay with it, sometimes I’m not.

Then, I play with mom and dad for a little bit.
I like to take all my toys out of the bin.

Oh, I’m dressed all ca-ray-zy because I went through two outfits at daycare.

And then I had dinner too, so I’m pretty gross.
Mom usually edits out my drooly chin.

Mom wonders if maybe I’m teething again,
but I just like to put everything in my mouth.

Anytime now I should be crawling. Maybe one day it’ll just click.

Then all of a sudden, I realize how tired I am.

Mom scoops me up and it’s time for a bath.

I love my baths no matter how tired I am! No crying for me. Just yawns.

Mom courteously hid my cash and prizes.

My favorite puppy in the whole world waits upstairs.

I love my puppy, she makes me giggle when she licks my toes.

When I get out of the tub, I always get cranky.
It’s cold out here, mom!

Then I have a bottle. Did you know I hold my own bottle now?
Ms Colleen at daycare taught me.

There aren’t any pictures now because I don’t play in my crib anymore.

I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the mattress.
Mom doesn’t want to wake me up. Shhhh

and then, she {snapped}

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