Why Buy (Baby) Toys

I am wondering now, why I bought any toys for Jameson at all? Right now, he loves the floor vents, bathroom scale, and door stoppers. Oh, and dogs and dog toys.


My parents’ dogs Mayzie and Shiloh loved Jameson. Mayzie even gave him her weird toothy smile one morning when she saw him. But she wasn’t too sure what to do when Jameson kept going after her toys…

Flying/leaping/pouncing baby.

Got it! Notice Mayzie is no longer in the picture.


And later…

Eying the prize…

Daddddd! Do I have to give Jameson my toy!?

Yes, yes you do.

P.S. I did take these toys away from Jameson as soon as he tried to eat them. Except one time, when I caught him chewing on a “lollipop” dog toy which must have had the most perfect, wonderful end to chew on. Oops…

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