MixBook (wherein I give up and find something better)

Okay, to be quite honest, I didn’t touch Jameson’s digital scrapbook after I posted about it way back in July.

I could only work on it at home, and the thought of it and the amount of time that still needed to go into it was scary. So when a Groupon came up for MixBook, I decided to go for it. MixBook is a photobook site that is also known for their digital scrapbooking “materials”. They have a lot of digital stickers and papers for use on scrapbook-style photo books.

It did not meet one of my requirements: I had wanted a book that would lay flat. However, in the interest of time, effort, and fun I decided to use it anyway. I am so glad I did!

The software is all web-based, so I can work on it anywhere (which includes at work during lunch, for which I am thankful or this would never get done). I’m nothing if not realistic.

The most efficient way to complete the first one (yes, there will be two… I have only been working on his birth to 6 months scrapbook) is to start with throwing some photos on the pages. Then, select some layouts for those pages, then background papers, then stickers, and finally what I have been working on now it to add the text.

To build out the text, I have been using the blog, flickr photo captions, and my personal facebook account which I pulled the archive for. Have you ever pulled your archived facebook content before? I am amazed. I have been on facebook for so long that I was confused, because back in its first iteration, it didn’t have my statuses, just what other people put on my wall.

So here I am, at 69 pages of Jameson from birth to 6 months. That’s roughly a page for every 2-1/2 days, which is crazy, but awesome. I am feeling accomplished, and excited. I can’t wait to share the finished product!

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