The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

Jameson has already experienced new toy phenomena. That is, the toys you (think) you’ve never seen before, or haven’t seen in a long time, are the coolest.

Consequently, the toys that aren’t yours = totally, ridiculously awesome. The best things in life are toys that aren’t yours.

Just kidding, the best things in life are friends who have toys that aren’t yours.

JP, Lisa and little Jonathan have visited us quite a bit the past couple months, so this time it was our turn.

As usual, a little bit of this went on:

And for the ladies, a New Age white wine with lime.

We ate pot roast in their lovely dining room, which I think Jameson really enjoyed. And after dinner, we hung out in the living room. And I took a couple self-timered shots (what, you already know I have a problem). Somebody might be hanging out in the background there…

Jameson and Jonathan each played in Jonathan’s walker for a little bit. Aside: The doctor told us a long time ago no walkers for the babies because it can harm their growing hips. So, we told daycare no walkers. He can be in one, but it can’t move, like an exersaucer.

Well, I am kind of wondering if maybe he has been hanging around in the daycare in the walker every once in a while, because he sure did get the hang of it really quick, forwards and backwards…

He loved the hardwood floors in their house. Easy to crawl and chase toys around, and of course use the walker.

For a little perspective, I plopped Jameson on their (fancy) living room couch. Remember these photos? Look at him now.

And an impressive yoga position. I don’t do yoga, but I’m assuming this is representative of something you’d do in yoga:

We had a wonderful time, as usual. I’m always impressed and grateful with the amount of time JP and Lisa spend with us. JP travels a lot (consequently, Lisa is trying to drop down to 4 days a week at her work), and so I know time is even more precious for them than it is for us. It is so nice to have friends with children the same age, and get together like this.

Oh, bonus points for having friends who can take photos. Lisa snapped this lovely of my family:

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