Real Baths

Just a short time ago (like, just last week), bath time looked a little like this:

After trying to climb out of his bath seat twice looking for a duck (okay, it was more like flinging himself out of the bath seat), we determined it was time for Jameson to get real baths, sitting up and all.

More risky behavior later, and we decided to throw down some anti-slip mats. We have a clear mat that looks like pebbles from Target, and a couple frogs suctioned around the edges. We debated the merits of suction vs. “sticker” style and didn’t want to ruin the tub with stickers. The only caveat to suction is regular lifting and drying to eliminate mold build-up. So far, so good.

Well, assuming he doesn’t decide to eat the frogs. I don’t think he can actually get them up though… we’ll see.

Out of the tub, and we’re still having fun. Not as much crying as before. Instead, the novelty of being able to move around makes the end of bath time much more fun.

Watch out, naked baby! He really doesn’t want a diaper on, and I’m giving in, for a few minutes while I take a ridiculous amount of photos.

Alright. We’re all done now, time for bed.

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    1. So much work and so worth it! He’s starting to be a little bit of a handful, but I love it when he giggles while trying to roll away from me during changing! haha

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