We spent Wednesday through Sunday morning at my parents’ for Thanksgiving, and it was so nice to have time off from work for the extended visit. Jameson wasn’t teething or cranky, he was cheerful and well behaved and adorable the entire weekend. I’m so thankful!

The family spent Thursday relaxing, playing, eating and sleeping. I spent that time documenting most every moment, so here’s a play-by-play of our Thanksgiving Day (that rhymes, not on purpose):

Mom did the prepping and cooking.

Anyone else’s brother like to ruin good photo opps? That’s totally the dog show in the background. Jameson loved the dog show, it is probably the longest he’s ever looked at a television screen.

We got impatient for the olives and dug in right out of the can.

Everybody started getting hungry.

Grandpa is carving the turkey. Does anyone else have a photo like this? I promise you the knife was no where near his mouth in real life. It’s all about perspective!

The table is full and set. And the dog show is still on in the background.

Jameson’s first Thanksgiving meal! He had a little of everything: turkey (white meat only though); corn; noodles; green bean casserole; stuffing; even the jellied cranberry sauce (he liked it!).

Before dessert, some relaxing (and sleeping) occurred.

Jameson slept past our dessert, but he woke up ready to play. The helicopter was a hit with Jameson and a great distraction to get him to eat some baby food at meal times.

Thanksgiving round 2 for Jameson’s dinner. Then time for dessert!

He wasn’t a big fan of the pumpkin pie. Even whipped cream alone was apparently revolting. Who’s child is this?

Jameson enjoyed playing with “grandma toys” like the blocks, and even his great-grandma’s toys, like the building toy we made into a little car for him. He also enjoyed banging on the piano and getting into mischief. It was a great day, and finally time for him to sleep.

Which meant games for the rest of us. It ended poorly for me.

Luckily, Friday was a new day, and Jameson got to visit his friend Mark again. They’ve both grown so much! I can’t wait to share tomorrow.

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