Lasagna Night

Saturday night, we invited JP, Lisa and Jonathan over for dinner, and Brian decided to make his very first lasagna. You may be surprised if you know Brian that he’s never made lasagna before, but you would never know it by the taste. It was fabulous!

Unfortunately, Jameson was a little cranky. He has been teething hard, and I am pretty sure he is also getting at least one molar as well as another tooth in front. Poor thing. He woke up from his nap (some 3 hours!) with a 102.2 degree fever. It responded quickly to a lukewarm bath and Advil though, and disappeared the next day, so I think it may be teething related. (Bonus to all this: He also slept in on Saturday AND Sunday, until 9:30 and 8:30, amazing!)

Another thing the bath helped along…

Anyway, they still had some fun together, though Jameson was a little on edge and slightly possessive of his toys, which I’ve never seen in him before. Hello, toddlerdom.

They both are very interested in the walk along toys, so luckily we have two of them. Mr. Dino is hard to steer, we’re a big fan of the other Learning Walker because Jameson can steer that one himself (that means we don’t have to follow him around so closely – with the dinosaur, Jameson yells for us to help him)

Jonathan’s birthday is coming up soon! He’s going to be a big one year old in February. How time does fly. His party is going to be gray, blue and red. We’re excited for it and his gift has been picked out for almost a month. It ships soon.

To occupy them toward the end of the evening when they were both getting tired, Brian broke out the play set again.

They were only in it a short while before they got tired of it. We wore them out!

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