Too Much Fun (A Side Effect)

I remember when most of my photos looked the same. Jameson just stared at the camera, I took some photos and I picked the ones that were actually in focus. This new camera focuses better, and the flash makes it really easy to capture crisp photos and video, too. Now, I have so many photos it’s hard to manage. How do I categorize everyday life? So much happens in one evening, it’s hard to capture it all, much less write about it.

Yesterday, Brian’s mom came over and Jameson let go of the playtable and walked to her, all by himself, a good 5 or 6 steps. The first time he has “volunteered” himself to walk, instead of us pushing him into position.

Then, he climbed up the entire flight of stairs for the first time, like he had never been afraid before. I let him fall off 3 steps one time and he never seemed to forget it, until now. This brave little baby, climbing the stairs again without hesitation. We had to put our gate back up!

He is starting to shake his head “no” and insisting on the toys that he wants. Climbing off couches. And being adorable, laying his head on my shoulder when he’s sleepy and putting his head on pillows.

Every evening is new, exciting and fun. It makes it hard to go to work, and miss these things during the day.

I’ve been kind of down recently about work, for this and some other reasons. I feel like I’m putzing along, waiting for something to happen. I’m trying to regain the momentum and motivation I had when I started at the new job 6 months ago, but recently work has been uninspiring, boring, and unfulfilling. I’m trying to have patience, but when every day Jameson changes, when I watch growth seem to happen overnight, it makes everything else seem a little duller in comparison…  a side effect of too much fun at home, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I am trying to make steps to beat the blues with a happy light. Actually, what I bought isn’t a happy light, it’s called Lightphoria.

My snarky husband says that anyone paying $65+ for a light will convince themselves that it works, so honestly and objectively: it makes me feel warmer when it’s on (though it generates no heat whatsoever). I get disappointed when it turns off. I can’t say though that it has enhanced my mood, though I have been using it consistently at work since January 9th (not on the weekends).

(I suppose… I’ll just have to tell Jameson to tone it down, walk another day, slow down for a minute while his mom tries to catch up)

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