Family Reunion

Last weekend, I visited my parents with Jameson. I went to look at the room we have planned for Emma’s bridal shower, but it was also a good excuse to get Jameson to his grandparents to catch up!

It turned into an impromptu family reunion of sorts: My sister, brother and his girlfriend came for the day on Sunday; and my cousin Stacey, who Jameson hasn’t seen since he was one month old, and her husband came to visit as well!

I think that maybe Jameson even remembered his previous visit for Thanksgiving! He didn’t seem concerned with his surroundings, he slept through the night both nights, and he didn’t seem frightened of his grandpa this time.

He spent the weekend going up and down the stairs, over and over. He’s become an expert and going down stairs now.

He definitely still loved the dogs. He kept pointing at this saying “dahw” or “og”. So close. I am pretty sure this will be his first word after mama and dada.

Brian and I have been searching for a little kid chair for him after seeing how much Lily next door loves hers. I found one while I was visiting, appropriately named “Dog Chair” with a cute little dog face on it. Bonus: It matches our furniture and the drool dries nicely on it. It’s also pretty heavy so he can’t push it around as a walking toy like he does most everything else.

He loves it! And he can even get in and out of it himself, which is great.

He is developing such a fun personality. He leaned back in the chair to relax (for a millisecond), just like mom and dad would!

He also loved playing with the “grandma toys”. Brian’s girlfriend Emily played telephone and blocks with Jameson.

Surprisingly for him, he also ate really well while we were there. Jameson loved Sunday Spaghetti Supper (tradition). It’s the first time he had real spaghetti (baby jar food doesn’t count).

We’ve continued to try this Tommee Tippee suction plate & bowl system, and it’s working better after initial disaster. We found that a little water on the bottom of the suction piece makes it work a bit better. Jameson only occasionally gets it up now, and I think I am liking it a bit more (for sure it is better than getting a thrown plate every time).

The dogs love Jameson eating too.

He also was a big fan of my yogurt. He wanted to try some of my blueberry greek yogurt, and we ended up giving him half of it. I had to open another cup!

He even signed “more” for it (distinctly, a couple times!) Mom, I like your surprise face here. Too funny!

His sign for “more” was a pointer finger against the other palm, which isn’t exactly like we learn in Signing Smart classes. I am not sure if it’s an approximation, or if that’s how they sign “more” at daycare.

It was a great weekend of fun and play and family. And Super Bowl, though I am not a sports fan so I didn’t watch it (gasp).  All in all… we tired a baby out. Grandma got to enjoy some quiet restful time with Jameson for almost 10 minutes straight! This is unusual for this go-go-go baby.

And he was a bit cranky the way home, waking up after just an hour and a half or so. I sang songs for 45 minutes straight at the end to keep him quiet, but my repertoire is very small. I sang mostly Christmas songs, Jesus Loves Me, and a very few nursery songs. I think I might need a children’s song CD for car emergencies!

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