My Little Boy

You may have noticed in photos from Mother’s Day that my son no longer looks like a hooligan. Jameson looks like a little boy now, we got his hair cut (and not by us) on Saturday!

After losing a tooth, his wild hair and gapped smile made him look a bit like a hill billy. It was time.

He was concerned when we walked in and he heard the blow dryers. He’s a bit afraid of those. But he was fine until the water spray.

From there, it was all tears.

I gave him a goldfish though, and he tolerated the haircut for a while while the crocodile tears rolled down his cheek.

Then it got really bad again when she got close to his ears. And when she brought out the trimmer? It was all over for him. Brian had to hold his head.

(Yes, bad enough that I stopped taking photos)

Then it was over. No blow dryer needed. Jameson even drove the car wheel for a moment.

Jameson got a diploma and a little baggie of hair. Good job, little man!

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