Fall Soccer Finale

We really watched Jameson take charge this season in soccer! This season, he was on the pink team.


Because he was on the older end of his team, he didn’t have any issues getting in there with the ball. The problem was mostly that he would give the ball a good kick and not follow through.



Familiar now with how soccer goes, Jameson didn’t hesitate to cheer on his pink team members when it was his turn to sit out.


For the most part we had a great listening, hard running, excited soccer player this season. Games were really fun to watch!


Despite that, we as a team didn’t score any goals this season. We really didn’t even get close too often, and I attributed most of that to the really large net they had on our side of the field, next to where our goal was. The kids kept trying to kick it to the big goal instead of their small goal. Regardless, all the kids had a blast.



Go Pink!


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