T Minus 3…

Jameson is 21 months, 3 months shy of 2 years old, and like every month before it, it’s hard to believe how fast time has gone by.

This month was a big one for Jameson and I wrote a lot fun things down that he is doing now throughout the whole month.

Singing & Speech – Jameson likes to sing now to the songs he knows. He’s so terribly cute singing the P and Z and Me in the ABC’s song and making an “o” face when singing the wheels on the bus go ‘roooouuund. Among his favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s and Old McDonald (Ee ii ee ii oh). He does a lot of imitation now and will imitate during the If You’re Happy and You Know It song as well as during any other activity!


His two word sentences have slowly increased, and we even heard him saying “no no mommy” over and over to himself to help him fall asleep one night, and “mommy bye bye” another night. Some new words are “apple”, “apple juice”, “pouch” (this one is very distinct and is our word for the little baby food pouches he loves), “knock knock” “boo boo”, “brush” (as in brush teeth daddy!), and “watch” (as in Elmo TV).

Food & Eating – He is getting pickier about only eating things he recognizes and knows he likes. It’s a trial every night to get him to try everything on his plate which sometimes involves bribery for Elmo and doesn’t always work. He currently thinks most everything is “hot” and blows on it. Last night at dinner he was blowing and making the symbol for quiet though, and I think he really was trying to show quiet after we told him to use his indoor voice. He likes to stick his tongue out when we wipe his face and eat the paper towel, which is funny.

We did go back to offering milk at bedtime when he doesn’t eat a lot at dinner, and he enjoys it still. We stopped using the sleeper blanket bag toward the end of this month and are using a pillow pet and blanket (he loves soft things!). No signs of molars that we can see, though that doesn’t mean they’re not there, we don’t go poking back amongst those chompers much.

Skills – Jameson now will get on his belly in the bath tub without fear for fun; he has successfully blown his very first bubbles; and he added a new symbol to his bedtime book by flexing his arm for the word “exercise” (dad taught him that).

This weekend he demonstrated his new skill with puzzles, especially the Melissa and Doug ones which show the same puzzle piece after it’s removed for easy recognition of proper placement for the puzzle piece. We also removed the bottom of his Cozy Coupe and he motors it himself. He also does the more advanced shape sorter now instead of just the coin sorter, and he tries to put on his own shoes, socks and clothes on (without too much success… yet)

“All Done Mom!”

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Room Changes

A new baby means room changes in our household (among many other changes, I am sure!). Because we opted not to find out our first child’s gender, we conveniently have a nursery outfitted for either a boy or girl this time, already in nice yellows and greens.

Jameson’s new room is here:

It obviously needs a little help before it can become Jameson’s new room. This is the guest room, and it’s so girly because of inherited furniture. Even the curtains are girly, which were left by the previous owner. Other problems include the fact that it is storage for all my craft items. I am not looking forward to going through all of that…

Luckily, we recently found great new office furniture on clearance, and that change (which I will share later) means that we can move the girly bed with the trundle beneath can move to the office so we can maintain our guest bed.

Jameson is probably ready for a big boy bed any time. At daycare, he sleeps on a cot; at home, he is expert at getting off of our bed, which is very high. We are about ready to stop using the blanket sacks and move to regular blankets since he’s nearly grown out of them.

Aside, a really adorable video:


We are planning on getting his room all ready for him by his birthday/Christmas, and transitioning him the same time. That’ll give us about 3 months before baby arrives for him to get used to it.

Here’s the room plan; all of these items are already purchased except for his wall decals (I’m waiting for a sale!).

  1. Curtains : Eclipse Braxton Thermaback Window Panel – Navy Blue, $12.99 each from Target; we have the kids green ones in the nursery right now. They’re not perfect, but they are perfect for us in blocking out light
  2. Table Lamp : Stick Lamp with Chevron Shade (no bulb), approx $8.50 on clearance at Target stores, similar to this one online for $21.99 (colors are slightly different); I was pretty excited for this, it reminds me of tire tracks.
  3. Trash Can : Turquoise Plastic Waste Basket 13-qt., $2.99 from Target
  4. Shelf with Hooks : Three Hook Wall Ledge – Espresso, approx $17.50 on clearance at Target, same as this one for $34.99 online; we are planning on placing this at his height for his own nicknacks or rock collection and so he can hang up his own to-be-worn again clothes or pajamas
  5. Unfinished Nightstand : TARVA Nightstand, pine, $39.99 from IKEA; we are planning on painting this and the shelf with hooks a nice red color for finishing
  6. Red Paint : Not sure exactly what color yet, but I currently like Stop SW 6869 from Sherwin Williams
  7. Wall Decals : Car Wall Decal Mural, $80 from WeeDECOR; the tree and birds in the nursery are from WeeDECOR, and we are pleased with the quality nearly 2 years out so would like to stay with their products
  8. Navy Bed : Leo Twin Panel Bed with Footboard from Ashley Furniture, we purchased ours for approx $160 from a local dealer, our local Ashley store quoted about $175; after convincing Brian that a painted bed would be okay, I found that many are custom and expensive. The price was right on this one, and we are happy with other Ashley furniture purchases we have made.
  9. Bedding : Blue Trucks and Yellow Cars Microfiber Quilt Bedspread Set Twin Size by Home Fashion, $29.98 purchased from Amazon; after observing that quilts are expensive, I jumped on this when I saw it. I did want a Pottery Barn one over this, but it was out of stock and discontinued which end up saving us a lot of money!
  10. Artwork Line and Clips : DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel and DEKA Curtain wire incl. clips, nickel plated from IKEA; we already owned this from years ago and never used. Since we have a stainless steal fridge, I’m excited to use this to hang his artwork on his walls.

We are also removing the dresser from the nursery into Jameson’s new room, which is why I was so focused on the colored furniture. This dresser would be time consuming to refinish and is impossible to match woods as is. Instead, it will be a stand alone wood piece in the room, and the knobs on this dresser will be painted red!

We’ll have to find a new dresser for the nursery, preferably one that matches the honey colored crib which can transition to a twin bed for Jameson’s future sibling.

Our to do list for purchase is pretty short:

  • Mattress
  • Bed rails to prevent Jameson from falling out
  • New curtain rods for Jameson’s new room
  • Red paint
  • New dresser for nursery
  • Bookshelf for Jameson’s new room – possibly built in

Can you tell I might have been nesting a little? The mass Target run happened last night; I was gone for an hour and a half!

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Midmonth, my mom came up for a visit after dropping my sister off at college. She came up for another purpose though, since we had requested her babysitting services for Friday and overnight while Brian and I attended his cousin’s wedding in Pennsylvania.

Mom arrived late Wednesday evening on the 15th, so we couldn’t show off Jameson shirt and big news until Thursday evening after work. The wait was grueling, but they had already been speculating, of course! So Jameson’s Meemaw got to watch him Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday.

It was difficult to leave him Thursday after his 20 month photoshoot; he knew as soon as I was getting my lunch ready that I wasn’t staying and he clung to me and wailed. I had planned on waiting to leave a little later, but waiting seemed like it would draw out the process, so we ripped the band-aid off pretty quick, and I left.

We all hung out Thursday evening though and Jameson showed off his “cheese!” exclamation with my phone. It won’t be long before he can press those buttons himself and really take photos.

Friday morning, Brian worked from home, which was difficult in its own way once Jameson realized he was still there. But by the time Meemaw left on Sunday, they were pretty good buddies, and I left her to do bath and bedtime Saturday evening with no issues. It’s hard when Jameson doesn’t get to see her very often, so I’m going to try and do more FaceTime! This week, he’ll get to see her again, plus grandpa and Aunt Holly for the fair, so that’ll be fun!

I am pretty thrilled she took Jameson into the empty lots and took pictures of him with the queen anne’s lace. It is a picture I wanted to capture for a while (though typically we don’t let him romp around in those weeds), but now they are all dying so this is probably all I will get this year.

Before we returned on Saturday, we stopped at IKEA (and the time was such that we got both the 99cent breakfast AND swedish meatballs for lunch). We got Jameson the little farm animals, which we use to get him to make his animal noises. Meemaw was excited to finally capture the one-word “moobaa” animal noise on video after a lot of effort through the whole weekend (and I have video evidence of the failed tries)


It was nice for Jameson to see his grandma again, and I was happy to have someone to watch a few chick flicks with in the evening. Meanwhile, Brian got into a little trouble on Saturday evening involving the neighbor’s “pre-party party” before Lily’s 2 year birthday party on Sunday. But that’s another story…

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Bubble Bath

Jameson enjoyed his very first bubble bath just a couple weeks ago. At first, he wasn’t too sure about the bubbles. He tried to get them off of his hands!

Then he quickly decided they were okay, and Brian decided to take advantage of the bubbles and have Jameson “wash” himself.

Jameson followed direction really well, and looked at Brian who would point to the correct body part when Jameson wasn’t sure where to go for things like his neck.


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Sunflower Summer

This weekend, Brian was off to Vegas for a bachelor party. While he was off hiking and seeing views like this:

I was enjoying this:

It was so hectic though getting Jameson ready this time. Brian left Thursday, and I didn’t leave until Friday at 11:30, so I packed without his help and managed to forget several key items:

  • Utensils and plates for Jameson
  • Shorts, for myself

So, these photos are taken with my mom’s camera, which I left on auto no flash, and with my new eyes, seems absolutely horrible. But okay. Moving on.

Yes, Jameson is in Batman pajamas. I call them in lounge wear, and he rode in the car in them because I thought it might be more comfortable. Plus, he’s adorable.

We were excited that my brother and sister were both home for the weekend (my sister home for the summer from college, and my brother visiting from Florida).

My parents put up a larger swing set in the backyard to accommodate a baby swing which he just ADORED. Unlike when we put him in the baby swing that was attached to our family swing frame, this was a full on 9 or 10 footer.

When I would pull him forward for a big swing, he would yell “WHOA” again and again.


He also enjoyed the fresh strawberries in the patch that seems to just explode every year now his grandparents’ garden. After trying them, whenever we went outside, he’d walk straight to the patch and try to find more, or to go to the swings.

Surprise sunflowers popped up in the garden from the birdseed grandpa puts out, and while Jameson seemed more interested in the low-lying marigolds to pick, he did take notice of them.

Our time indoors was a little harder: Jameson was fine outside, but inside, he wanted to stay near me and played hard-to-get with his grandparents and Aunt Holly and Uncle Tyler. He did, however, say “Meemaw,” repeating after me when I said that was who grandma was; and, he said grandpa for the first time (though not to his face).

After grandpa left Sunday morning, Jameson grabbed his stylus, saying “mommy” (because I have one as well), and I said, “No, that’s grandpa’s” and he said it, though I guarantee I wouldn’t know that is what he was saying if it hadn’t been in context!

All grandma wanted to do was read to him, but boy was this a struggle! He did finally sit for a few books. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually, and we’ll do some more facetime with grandma and grandpa so that he can stay familiar with their voice and faces. It’s hard being away from family!

Naps and sleeping was also hard: I resorted to yelling at him to lay down, and he flattened himself in the crib like he was terrified of me. I felt bad, but it worked. He fell asleep in that flattened out position within 10 minutes of me yelling at him. I didn’t know how else to get him to stop throwing his animals out of the crib (without them, sleep wouldn’t have happened at all).

Twice we went to the playground with Jameson. Early Sunday morning, it was cool enough to spend some time there and we visited 3 playgrounds in the park near my parents’ house. They had one huge toddler area, and I loved seeing Jameson walk up the steps himself with the help of the rail.

Jameson had no fear of the slides, but he turned around on his belly a lot, which made me laugh.

He enjoyed the teeter totter with Uncle Tyler, holding on well (with grandma just out of the camera lens!)

For lunch on Sunday of course we had the traditional spaghetti meal, and Jameson ate 2-1/2 meatballs, which was completely shocking. He ate really well at grandma’s!

And then it was time to leave; Jameson was exhausted, so he slept for 2 of the 3-1/2 hour drive. I occupied him with food, which he threw all over the car, and books, which he really enjoyed so I am saving that for my bag of tricks for the next long drive!

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19 Months And Counting

This month, we didn’t have a whole lot of great photos to choose from. Jameson was pretty excited about the blocks!

I started writing down the many new things we observed during the month because I couldn’t remember them all the end! This month, his grandma taught him that grunting is necessary for getting lids on and off; so while he learned how to screw and unscrew lids, he will grunt and groan while doing it. Likewise, he likes to squeeze his food between his fingers, and that deserves a grunt too while his little fist shakes with the effort.

Speaking of food, he consistently eats broccoli (he once at all the broccoli out of the mixed vegetable steam fresh bag), cheese, and most any pasta (not rice or tortellini). Many other foods are hit or miss depending on the day, even fruit was a miss on rare occasions.


He can click his tongue now in addition to these new words: Buckle, Poop, Pee, Moo, Baa, Ee ee ee (the sound the monkey makes, according to grandma), EE ii ee ii oh, Water, Weener, Elmo (pronounced melmo), Duck, Bib, and all of these are used still pretty inconsistently except for Buckle, Bib and Elmo.

Jameson is also making up entire sentences. Babble babble more babble ma mo babble? Whatever you say, Jameson! We have heard his first two word sentences. First was “bye bye doggie” at 18 months, and recently “no no doggie” when she was trying to lick his ears.

“More please” is pretty seamless now; he says “Mo” and signs the word for “please” pretty consistently. “Thank you” is also becoming more frequent though only on request, but it is also a sign.

Lest you think that all is well and communication easy for him, he frequently gets frustrated that he can’t express himself, most often surrounding food. Whining at the pantry is a favorite past-time before dinner as we list through his various snack options (and he doesn’t really understand the word snack).


While I try to limit the snacking to just half a bag of animal crackers (his current favorite) before dinner (and try to suggest blueberries often as an alternative), one night it was so bad I allowed him to pick out his meal in the fridge. He chose a leftover grilled cheesy bratwurst (I doubt he knew that it was more than a hot dog!) and a yogurt. He ate them both, no complaints.

Bed time: Though he doesn’t do a great job, we do let him brush his own teeth. On the days he doesn’t want to, I force it. I’ve become an expert at holding the face properly so that I can brush his teeth. He is thrilled that he can do this himself though, reaching his toothbrush into the water (later, we will concentrate more on water conservation, haha)!

On the other end of the spectrum, diaper changes are much less fun, often with him screaming the entire time unless we’ve given him sufficient distraction, like a particular book, the buckle on the table, or mobile remote; whatever it is, he needs to pick it out.

This month, in a very anticlimactic way, we stopped bottles. Now, we read about 10 books at night instead of 1 to allow him time to drink his milk. It takes him longer, but he falls asleep without issue. Except for naps, which he has refused on rare occasions. This makes me nervous that we will lose naps in the near future, but so far, so okay.


Overall, discipline is still pretty light. We say no sternly (and fairly frequently), and physically stop him from whatever he is doing wrong. It’s typically just because something is dangerous. If it’s excessive (like biting, which only seems to happen during teething — but for some reason happened twice this weekend in excitement!), then we put him in a corner. But we don’t otherwise restrain him, so he quickly gets over it and moves on. I wonder when we might have to bring out a timeout chair, or a gated area, but for now, he is listening okay most of the time. He actually doesn’t try to run away outside often anymore if we tell him no.

If he gets himself too worked up over something (like wanting a snack, and not taking our no for an answer) and tries to throw a mini tantrum (mini because he is so careful and funny about it), then we take him into the bathroom with the lights off and shut the door (with us there holding him). Usually that’s enough to snap him out of it, which is all that’s needed and a moment of quiet.

Jameson is a little helper, both at home and at daycare. His teachers comment how he is the only one who will help pick up toys (and we only reinforce this lesson every once in a while at home, so I am excited to see that he seems to come by this naturally; I will take no credit for it). At home, he will help me put away the dishes (I let him, yes, but take the breakables from him pretty quick. He has yet to drop anything).

He also threw a pair of shorts in the washer. Yesterday, his teacher told me that he wanted to help check for messy diapers and tried to lift one of the boys who can’t walk yet out of the wagon. Recently, he held one of the new kids’ hand and walked him around the room, like he was showing him around.


It’s been such fun watching him grow, but I can’t believe that next month we’ll hit a big 2-0.

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Splash Pad

The weather is getting hot again: Sunday we were supposed to go to the zoo but it hit 90! So we hit the Splash Pad (free!) with JP, Lisa and Jonathan instead.

Since we were going to get wet, I opted not to bring my fancy camera and instead brought a new waterproof video/camera that Brian bought for my birthday.

I know, another camera? Is it really necessary? Brian but it refurbished though and for the splash pad, waterproof was necessary! The video worked decent: It was a surprise to see that the sound was picked up pretty well and the video was brighter than it appeared on screen when I was recording.


The still photos the camera took though weren’t too impressive. The camera couldn’t focus on anything close up, and the colors seemed a little washed out. Lisa’s iphone took better color, but mine had better focus (when it was properly in focus and not too close). It also had a slow reaction and saving time, so you couldn’t take consecutive shots without waiting for a little bit.

Jameson had a good time. He doesn’t like the sprinkler at home, so we were a little concerned that he would be terrified of an entire playground of sprinklers, but he did really well. He wanted to stay near us while he explored, but he was fascinated with all the kids around.

He even had a girlfriend for a moment when we first arrived. She wanted to take him around!

Jonathan also had a great time. He didn’t have any problem going off on his own (trailed by mom and dad), sitting on water, and trying to take the big kids’ toys!

Finally Jameson tripped over himself and had had enough of the splash pad. We toweled the boys off and headed back for a cookout!

JP made steak and chicken with a tzatziki sauce on the side, as well as vegetables and a gourmet style rice. We tried to have the boys eat at the picnic table which was hit or miss. Mostly miss.

They aren’t quite ready for that yet. Jameson wanted a whole mushroom rather than his halves, and then he wanted a whole piece of chicken (they were in big cubes since JP put them on kabobs), but he really only wanted to eat on dad’s lap, which happened again, my lap this time, just last night.

I think we need to get him a chair that will allow him to eat at the table with us and retire the high chair soon!

For dessert, we had a tasty but terrible-looking apple tart that I made.

The recipe calls for puff pastry dough, but Brian and I bought phyllo dough instead, which was not an adequate replacement.

It’s very easy to make: 2 granny smith apples, cored and cut into slices; 1 puff pastry dough, rolled out and sprinkled with 1/8 cup of sugar. Make a 1 inch border and poke fork holes in the middle all around. Put down apples, sprinkle with another 1/8 cup sugar. Bake at 425 for 20 minutes.

It tasted great, but we’ll try the correct dough next time. It was a touch hard to eat.

After dinner, we let the boys play (both sets: JP & Brian went off to brew beer). We were home by 9, and Jameson didn’t want to get up the next day. For once, we tired him out instead of the other way around!

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Last week, I had to explain to one of Jameson’s teachers why he was saying “baby” all the time in class…

…Not that kind of baby!

Jameson’s new favorite book is “Baby Beluga” from his Grandma; it’s a sing-along book based on the music by Raffi.

I have asked most everyone I know now if they have heard of Raffi, and it’s about 1 in 20 who have. But I grew up on his music, so I didn’t even need the CD to be able to sing Baby Beluga to Jameson.

It wasn’t too long before it became his favorite book, and one of the first books that has no soft fur to touch or pop ups to grab that captures his attention. One day, I sang it to him 7 times in a row.

I’m so good now that Jameson can spend all his time looking at his favorite page with all Baby Beluga’s friends on it. You can see it in this video:


(I love Jameson looking through the book, saying “baby”. Not too much of my singing, thank goodness!)

Yesterday, he was going through his book basket and he kept saying “baby” and swaying back and forth like we do when we sing. It was upstairs, so we had to go get it. Story time is my favorite time (as long as we’re not reading 10 Tractor and Truck books in a row. Let’s stick with the animal books, okay Mr. Jameson?).

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Sour Face

We still have problems getting Jameson to eat what we consider to be “enough”. I’m starting to think that maybe that’s just our perception and he’s eating plenty for his size. I wonder how much the daycare gives him at lunch when they say he eats “all”.

Maybe it’s just us?

He definitely has foods though that he won’t touch now unless they look more like what mom and dad are eating. For example, hot dogs are only eaten when they are sliced like skinny carrot sticks, rather than chopped up.


(You like the tongue wagging out like a dog in that video? Brian is doing that in the background, Jameson is just imitating him)


Yesterday, he insisted on a whole mushroom rather than one cut in half. Just in half, but it wasn’t good enough. Although pasta in any form is always good.

I can say though that even if he doesn’t seem to eat enough by my standards, he is pretty good about trying new things. Even if they come right back out.

Last week, Brian made a sausage that he cooked with onions. The sausage was fabulous, but the onions? Notsomuch. Even I didn’t eat them, and I eat most anything.

This is Jameson’s uh-ohhhhhhh face (he knocked over his juice, which is always fun). Can you anticipate what’s coming?

Yes, Jameson grabbed a very peppery onion and put it in his mouth.

It took almost 10 minutes to really calm him down. We had to take him outside for a popsicle, since he refused to eat or drink anything else after that.


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Jameson Visits the Zoo

We had a wonderful weekend! Saturday, we relaxed most of the day away. Jameson took a nearly 3-1/2 hour nap, ran errands with dad to Home Depot (they were gone for a lovely hour), and was in such a great mood all day. It was so relaxing and, dare I say it? Easy.

Sunday it was nice out, so we decided to go to the zoo. There was a small chance of rain in the morning, but we opted to go early anyway to try and by pass the crowds that were sure to come. It definitely worked, and many of the animals were out and active!

We saw the elephants first, and then we heard calls out to our right. I didn’t know what animal was making the noise, but as it turns out it was the lion. I don’t think it was a full out ROAR but it was the first time I think that I’ve heard the lions calling out.

We headed up toward the Australian exhibits, and a small kangaroo was right up near us.

Can you see the joey poking out of her belly? The zookeeper standing by pointed it out. His or her little arm or leg is sticking out. I couldn’t believe how close she was to us! We took Jameson out of his stroller so he could get a better look at all the animals near by.

He loved watching the birds and the train going by.

We didn’t stray too much into the Australian exhibit, and turned around to go see the giraffes. The giraffes weren’t out but we saw them inside. Jameson didn’t want to stand forward for this picture, but at least I got him next to the measurement.

The great part about having a pass is not feeling obligated to see the entire zoo in one visit. We picked and chose the best exhibits with big animals that Jameson would appreciate. After seeing a few more birds, reindeer and camels, we came around to the best exhibit of the day!

The bears were out and they were actually playing! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them moving like this before, so I had to take video evidence as well.


Jameson loved it. Brian would say “Can you say bear?” and Jameson would say “Beh”.

Next door, the polar bear was out. He was calmly surveying the scene.

So calm was he that we decided he’d be a perfect backdrop for a few photos.

This one cracks me up, it looks like Jameson is a little concerned about the polar bear behind him.

Our last stop at the zoo was the monkeys, and we plopped Jameson next to one statuesque monkey on a bench. Jameson wasn’t so impressed.

Before we headed over the rainforest just outside the main zoo, we stopped for some lunch. Jameson had his very first happy meal, and insisted on eating his chicken nuggets whole rather than cut up. He loved the apples, but wasn’t too fond of the fries.

The rainforest wasn’t too crowded, so we let Jameson walk around a bit. He held Brian’s hand really well and walked from exhibit to exhibit.

I hadn’t realized before, but most of the glass is set low, low enough for Jameson to see.

We really tired him out that morning, but he only really napped for 45 minutes in the car on the way home. He was up and at ’em again after that, ready to play outside for the rest of the day!

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