Jameson’s First Art Projects

Last week, Jameson came home with his very first art project (okay, not very first– he’s had his hand prints and foot prints done). So I guess I mean, his very first creative art work, where he was free to mess to his heart’s content. He came home with a lovely blue painting, now on display on his dresser.

This inspired me to help Jameson make a birthday gift for his lovely Aunt Melissa who turned 30 on Friday!

Four tubes of finger paint later, Jameson was sitting in his high chair stripped of his shirt, ready to paint. I put four globs on paint on the paper and let him have at it.

He was kind of delicate at first, but he got into the swing of it pretty quickly.

He only tried to suck on his fingers twice, and eat the paper once. I rescued him all three times, and no paint ended up on his chest, so that is pretty much a win-win-win.

Aunt Melissa loved it! Grandma was a little jealous…

As an aside, I don’t think Jameson will be opening his own gifts on his birthday just one short month away. He was fascinated with eating the box and wrapping. Aunt Melissa has threatened to give him just an empty box on his birthday, which I’m sure he would love.

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