Messy Eater

Jameson now eats anything we eat (except honey per doctor’s orders), as long as it can be made soft enough for him to easily chew.

He gets baby food and some finger food at every meal, though it is getting harder and harder to get him to eat the baby food. To distract him, we offer him a little empty cup to play with until we’re done eating the baby food. Then he gets some finger food.

His favorite foods are meat and peaches. He particularly likes chicken! But peaches are his favorite.

Transitioning to finger foods has been a little tough because baby food was so easy. Not only are we thinking about dinner now, but a few weeks ago we started sending him to daycare with finger foods as well. Here are a few things that have worked for us:

  • The fruit cups in fruit juice, not syrup (the peaches don’t have to be cut up, but we’ve been cutting up pineapple and tropical fruit for now) – thanks to Breann for this tip!
  • Steam fresh veggies, particularly peas which don’t have to be cut up at all. I’ve heard this is a good first finger food.
  • Beans! Kidney, Pinto, Lima, Northern. We haven’t made these yet, but if we made a bunch we’d be good for a while, and it is a good source of protein. – thanks to Babble for this idea
  • Pasta – butter is okay (I have read that you need to be cautious of salt, but a little butter is fine). I’ve tried rice too, but it’s hard for him to pick up.
  • Homemade teething biscuits. I like to send him to daycare with this in case he gets fussy because he loves this.
  • Chicken and other meat – we usually save this for dinner only, but we make extra for a couple nights of food
  • Everything else. This is easy for dinner, harder to send with for daycare. He gets what we eat, so if we are having lasagna he gets some of that, and he’s even had a little pizza!

Jameson also wasn’t a big fan of water, so we started adding just a little bit of white grape or apple juice to his cup for flavor and he really enjoys that.

It won’t be long now before we’re making the transition to all finger foods, but I am concerned with how much he’ll be getting to eat since he’s so messy right now. It doesn’t seem like much makes it into his mouth!

I also hope that we can continue to make healthy meals for him. One big thing we found recently is a meat farm! We found a local farm with fresh organic meat that we can buy in bulk for a price very close to the grocery. We feel very lucky to have found it! (And Brian’s happy that it is close to one of the stores he gets beer brewing ingredients and materials from)

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