Swimming Lessons

On Saturday, December 1 we went to Jameson’s very first swimming lessons! I’ve been looking forward to the lesson for a couple months.

We enrolled Jameson in the Goldfish Swim School, and even though the drive is a little longer than we might want, everything else makes it worth it. For one, the lessons are perpetual for as long as we want to do it. So I intend to take him through the winter at least until the end of February before the baby is born. It’s ideal to consume some of his energy as the weather starts to get worse.

Plus, the facilities are brand new, the water temperature is like bath water, and we had our choice of times since it is so new.


So what did Jameson think? He was hesitant at first, though he very quickly warmed up to the pool and trusting me to hold him. We did a lot of fun activities, and practiced kicking and pulling with arms. We chased balls across the pool, explored the shallow step of the pool (and Jameson had no problem inching his way across the step without my assistance).

The first lesson we balanced on the large foam ducks, and he was uncertain about that, but never once cried.



The only part he was really hesitant about was laying on his back. We were supposed to get their ears wet or in the water, and that first lesson I didn’t really get him there.

However, even though he told me he was done when I asked, he never cried, and he has asked to go on his back in the water every bath time since. There was immediate improvement at our second lesson this past weekend, and he relaxed while laying on his back and looked in the mirror they gave him.


The lessons are only a half hour, but I think Jameson would be happy to continue longer. He loved being in the water and asked for more when we got out.



His favorite part? The part where I lifted and swooped him back down to the water. He likes those daring moves. Those always got big grins and a squeal. We are happy that he is looking forward to swimming lessons each week!

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