Spoon Practice

Like any sport, eating requires lots of practice.

Sunday morning, Jameson insisted on eating yogurt himself. He took a few bites from dad, but then refused any more.

So I plopped it into a bowl and let him have at it.

The experience was funny for mom and dad, and rewarding for Jameson since it wasn’t too difficult for him to at least get a little something in his mouth with the spoon.

And he got a new favorite, pineapple, when he was done.

Aside: The bib there? It is fabulous. The whole thing is a soft plastic, so it’s comfortable and easily washable. It doesn’t wrinkle like the cloth-backed ones, and it has a pocket like the harder plastic ones but much more comfortable. We have just two (as compared to the 20 or so cloth bibs we used to own and go through like no tomorrow!).

We had a great weekend, despite transitioning Jameson to a sippy cup. Can’t wait to share how it went!


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