A New Year

I’m finally nearly caught up with all our holiday events! Here we are at New Year, and for the record, I did stay up until about 12:07 and then collapsed into bed. Last year, we stayed over at JP & Lisa’s house. This year, recent sleep troubles and changes (oh, I can’t wait to share details about that!) caused us to decide to make our way home well before midnight for Jameson’s sake.

It took us a while to drive there; the snow that evening was a little unexpected and the roads weren’t great. Luckily, everything was pretty clear by the time we left that night.

Jameson and Jonathan played with Jonathan’s new Christmas gifts, which included a grill. They both were partial to the hotdog.


Hot Dog

They exchanged gifts, and Jameson loved his Elmo hat! For two seconds anyway before he took it off. It’s big enough we should be able to use it for a year or two to come as well!

Opening Gifts

Elmo Hat

We enjoyed an excellent, kid friendly spaghetti and meatball/sausage dish for dinner, and Brian and I brought over our gingerbread, a favorite go-to dessert.


The boys loved the ice cream part!

Ice Cream Bowl

Then? It was playtime! The boys ran around with cars, slid down hallways with the dads and otherwise made mischief.

Sliding Down Hallways





We did have a car injury, which Brian and JP were happy to fix!

Fixing Cars

Later we enjoyed some celebratory champagne, and Jameson and Jonathan had sparkling grape juice. Jonathan gulped his right down while Jameson lingered sipping. They both wanted more though we thought more sugar that evening would be a bad idea!

Grape Juice

We had Jameson and Jonathan give each other hugs goodbye, and while most of them ended up with the two of them in a heap on the floor, we did capture a few cute moments. Jameson actually did a good job hugging back!



Jameson, as per usual now, didn’t sleep in the car even though it was 10:30 and well past his bed time. We had him home and in bed before the ball drop, so we were able to see the New Year just Brian and I before heading to bed ourselves, exhausted.

Exhausted will probably be one of my words to describe this year, I’m sure!

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