The Waiting Game + Sesame Street

We are now in the final stages of waiting for our newest addition. We have a dresser in place, a sleeper sofa, washed all clothing and sheets and blankets, boiled all bottles and parts. I feel totally and completely prepared, except for the actual giving birth part.

All last week, I was certain I wanted to wait to have our little girl until at least after Sunday because of all that we had planned!

We had plans to see Sesame Street Live, which was a lot of fun. Jameson sat solemn and wide eyed through the entire show (I think we could’ve skipped intermission). He got a high five from Zoey, and who is the lady trash monster? Mrs. Oscar? He didn’t really get ansty until the end because he could see a little girl dancing in the aisle.

Jameson’s friend Nathan was at the show too! His dad called us with extra tickets (their daughter got sick) just before we were leaving already, which was funny. We didn’t need the tickets, but we did have lunch with Nathan and Josh at the Winking Lizard after the show. Jameson was like a totally different person, squealing and loud and yelling with Nathan. He may end up being a class clown, because he kept trying to get Nathan to laugh at his antics (hitting his own head and shouting “ow!”)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to a birthday party for his friend Nicholas, where Jameson ran and jumped off of a stage at one end of the party room, over and over again. The life of a two year old.

And did you miss Jameson’s terribly long hair? I thought not; we finally had it cut again on Sunday after church since picture day is today! He did the best yet, sitting completely still and not complaining at all.

But with that finished, I feel like every day at work is my last day this week. I am taking my laptop home every night, and monitoring the contractions though they have no regularity or frequency yet.

At this time with our pregnancy with Jameson, we were heading to the doctor and would shortly find out that he wanted to induce us early. Jameson was born at exactly 39 weeks, which I will be on Friday. But this pregnancy has been totally different: no diabetes, more pain, more contractions, normal size baby… and early dilation. Last week, we were at 3cm. I am both impatient, and totally fine with waiting another week. Waiting…

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