Night Out

Brian and I had our first night out together, without Jameson, on Friday 1/21. We went to Rosewood Grill in Hudson, which was perfect! Brian made it a surprise for me, which was nice. We had never been there, it’s an upscale but not too upscale restaurant not too far from home which was ideal in case of emergency! But we were only gone for a couple hours and everything was fine. When we got back, Jameson was getting a photo shoot with his Aunt Melissa and grandma and grandpa. Our dinner was fantastic, I had a glass of nice red wine and a lobster penne. Brian got a shrimp and scallop dish with brussell sprouts and butternut squash risotto. The restaurant is not all seafood though, it’s actually a nice mix of anything you might want and now ranks up there with my favorite places!

This weekend Jameson was a little ornery for mom and dad. For everyone else, he was great! On Saturday, he visited with old friends Tara, Tracy and Jamie. Tracy had never visited our new house yet, so it was great to see her.

Saturday evening we spent an hour at the neighbor’s party (mom and Jameson left early because they were both super tired, Brian stayed later). Between Friday and Saturday, he managed to switch his schedule a little bit and wanted to spend time awake at night. Luckily yesterday we got him back on track and he was good last night. It probably doesn’t help though that the poor guy has a cold!

Today I took him to his first sick baby doctor visit 🙁 The good news is that he is continuing to gain weight great, and we haven’t seen any worsening of the spit up. In fact, the precautions of making sure he stays upright for a while after eating, elevating his mattresses, and burping more often seems to have helped some, though he is still spitting up more than he did as a newborn. But since he is gaining so much weight, I think it might be because he is just trying to eat more than his tummy can hold! He weighed in today at 7lb 11oz, which is 8 oz over last Monday. The doctor was impressed! That is even after he pooed this morning, haha.

Doctor said he is congested, which she said was probably due to last week’s doctor visit. Doctor offices must have a lot of germs… right now there’s not too much to do for him since it’s not causing him problems eating yet and he is okay breathing when relaxed and content. He only has problems when he gets upset, when he starts making pig snorts and breathing hard! So it’s just humidifier and elevation, which we are already doing. Too bad this makes tummy time that much more upsetting though, since he’s already not too fond of the activity and now it makes it hard for him to breathe. But we’ll keep doing exercises anyway.

Last week, the doctor told us we should start giving him vitamin D, as it (and later, iron) are deficient in the breast milk. The first day I gave it to him last week I had him laid flat, which was not the way to do it! I should’ve looked it up first, then I would’ve seen I should hold his head up so he doesn’t choke. Luckily he’s very tolerant of it, and the next day doing it proper and squirting it to the side of his mouth was easy and I think he may have even liked it since he kept licking his lips afterwards and didn’t spit much out at all! He’s a champ! So I’m sure the cold will be gone soon, though she did say it could take up to two weeks to completely disappear.

He’s getting so big! He looks like such a big boy in his polo onesie from cousin Stacey who visited last week!

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