I’ve given some thought recently to having Jameson quit the bottle. I know he could, he’s got the suction (so to speak) to use a straw, and he knows to tilt his head back to get at the sippy cup now. Maybe we will give it a shot soon? I’m only concerned about his attention span and actually drinking all of the milk.

But last night, it was in the 50’s so we went for a walk which was so nice, and  since he didn’t have all his bottles at daycare, I poured one into a sippy. He drank well over half of it by the time the walk was done.

We are also “practicing” (using the work practicing implies that learning is happening, of which I am not sure of) with the fork and spoon, but right now it’s mostly going like this:

Purely by accident though, last night we got a successful bit of food in the mouth via the spork. Way to go Jameson! (Repeat performances are not to be expected)

And yes, that is the photo wall in the background, still up. Jameson loves to point at the pictures and say “Da?” (I think that’s his word for “that?”)

Last night he was messy enough (and it was only 20 minutes until bedtime) that I stripped him of his shirt. He enjoyed the experience, pointing at his belly as if to say, “what’s this?”

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